Aya Fujinomiya
Japanese アーヤ・藤ノ宮
Romanization āya fujinomiya
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Medic
World The Continent
Affiliation Leazas
Level limit 30
Skill levels Medical Treatment Lv2 (?), Divine Magic Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance

About[edit | edit source]

Aya is a doctor working in a hospital in the Leazas Castle in Kichikuou Rance. She looks clumsy and has a very slow and quiet pace, but she's actually an excellent medic with a Medical Treatment Lv2 skill and a passion for her work. 

She's an attractive woman that is pretty popular with men and has received several love confessions, though she has turned them all down. She claims that she holds no interest in getting romantically involved with anyone due to her passion being in medicine. She also maintains that she is not aroused by the human body, since she grew very accustomed to seeing naked people in her profession. Rance tried to convince her many times to have sex with him, but she refused every time.

The only way she agreed to have sex with Rance is if he contracted Okayu Disease, a very rare illness that gradually turns the victim into an Okayu Fever and can only be healed by a procedure employed during sexual intercourse with a specialized medic. The disease is extremely rare and Aya showed interest in being one of the few to ever cure it. In a sidequest, Rance has the opportunity to contract the disease, leading to Aya making good on her "treatment." She immediately regretted this, as Okayu Disease leads to an extremely swollen Hyper Weapon as a side-effect, making Aya's first sexual experience unbearably painful.

She hasn't made an appearance in the current canon, but she was confirmed to exist.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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アーヤ・藤ノ宮 +
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