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Regardless how strong you are you can die just the same. Don't fight unless you're absolutely certain of your victory.

Kayblis, describing the cowardly mindset he learned from Avel.

Japanese アベル
Romanization aberu
Race Demon King, Dragon (former)
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Class Dragon
World The Continent
Affiliation Monster Realm
Level limit
Skill levels Demon King Lv?
Appeared in Rance X, Rance X: Part 2


Avel was the 2nd Demon King of the Planner Scenario, the system created to bring destruction and despair to the protagonist race of the continent. He became the Demon King after slaying the previous Demon King Kkulf Kkulf and bathing in his blood. However, he did not achieve this by merit of his own strength but rather by sneakily landing the finishing blow on an enemy weakened by centuries of war.

Following his transformation into the Demon King, Avel quickly went into hiding; he was surprised at his change to the Demon King after Kkulf Kkulf's defeat, as at that point no Demon King had ever died and the aftermath was completely unknown. The bloodlust inherent in inhabiting the power of the Demon King ensured that his hatred towards the Dragons was intense, but because he was not foolish enough to perform a full-frontal assault on them, he relied on hiding and scheming against his enemies during the majority of his reign. Because of this indirect approach the dragon race didn't think him much of a threat, so he was largely ignored. Dragon King Magiihoa, with fresh memories of Kkulf Kkulf to compare him to, saw Avel as beneath the Dragons' attention.

At some point early in Avel's reign, the Horus colony vessel F-3Q45 landed in the frozen land of Siberia at the northern cusp of the world. Intrigued by the mysterious alien ship, he commanded his newly loyal monster army to attack the extraterrestrial visitors. This resulted in a catastrophic defeat for the Horus colonists, as the majority of them were slaughtered. Only around 1000 Horus survived the battle, with the vast majority of them being put into cryogenic sleep in specialized chambers inside the ship. One of the Horus warriors named Meglass showed an outstanding tenacity during the fight and particularly impressed Avel, who forcefully turned him into a subservient Dark Lord for his amusement. Following the battle, the ship was mostly ignored for much of the rest of the Continent's history and the surviving Horus remained frozen in their cryogenic chambers.


Avel turned the only female Dragon into his Dark Lord.

Avel's era saw a dramatic change when he carried out his most cunning plan. He snuck into the Dragon King's domain and kidnapped the Dragon Queen Camilla, designed by the Gods as the only female member of the race and their only means for reproduction. He then proceeded to give her his blood, turning her into a Dark Lord, ending any chance at future offspring for the Dragons due to the impossibility of Dark Lords getting pregnant (though it is unclear if Avel did this with such an intention or if it was simply due to personal fondness over Camilla). Such action violated the most sacred rule of the Dragon's, that if one wished to claim the female dragon they must do so after achieving victory in an honorable duel against the current Dragon King. Avel's actions enraged both Dragon King Magiihoa and the entire race, exploding into all-out war in the year AV011.

Avel and his army managed to wage war against the entire Dragon race for a total of 45 years before he was defeated in battle. His life was spared, but he was sealed in a dark, inescapable pit and was never seen again. With Avel gone, the Demon King disappeared for the first time in history, encouraging the Dragons to initiate a prosperous era of peace after so many years of war. The United Continental Kingdom of Tron was founded, where there was no conflict, no war, no discrimination and the world was in a blissful paradise.

This perfect peace only lasted a couple of years however as the Creator God Ludo-Rathowm found himself spectacularly bored by the peaceful world that was formed under the Dragons. In the year AV061 the Dragons were officially marked as failures by the Gods and a large army of Angel Knights and lesser Gods was sent to the continent in order to purge them. In an effort to make it an entertaining conflict, they were slowly slaughtered over a period of several centuries until only a handful remained, with the majority of the survivors settling in the area that would later become known as Rising Dragon Mountain. While regular Dragons were hunted down in a conventional manner, Dragon Kalar and Dragon Poppins were instead all painfully melted for amusement by the higher-ups within the Godly hierarchy. It should be noted that while the world was purged, no trace of Avel was ever recovered, leading some to speculate whether or not he was killed, though it's likely he was reduced to the Blood Pool by Planner.

Nearly 7 centuries later in the year AV0721, the third Protagonist Race was created to replace the dragons, a weak yet sturdy species known as Humans. Demon King Ssulal was selected by Planner to be Avel's successor.

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During the events of Rance X: Part 2, Avel manifests during the final battle when Blood Memories uses past recollections to imitate the fighting style of the previous Demon Kings. Since he was the first Demon King the party fought that wasn't a former human, his being a Dragon was surprising for many members of the group. Rance dismissed his race, saying it was irrelevant if he was a Dragon or a Squidman and that he would be beaten just the same.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Prior to his transformation Avel was an average-sized dark blue Dragon without any particularly notable traits. Following his new form he became larger, his eyes became narrow and of an intense glowing red, and four white winge-like protrusions jutted out of his lower neck.

Avel was noted for being quite cowardly in nature, fully displayed when his sneak attack delivered the killing blow on the weakened Kkulf Kkulf. He was very cautious, preferring to not act in a way that could potentially put him into direct danger. Despite his bloodlust towards the Dragons, he was aware that he would not win in direct conflict against the entire race, and largely relied on his cunning to be an effective Demon King. Kayblis considered this a positive trait of his and imitated his belief that one shouldn't engage in fights where victory is uncertain. Avel's behavior was mostly looked down upon by the Dragon King, however, causing Magiihoa to ignore him as he didn't consider such a coward dangerous. It seems likely that Avel had a cruel sense of humor, as he was not above going out of his way to torment others in clever ways just for the amusement of it.

Despite formerly belonging to the notoriously wise and generally noble Dragon race, Avel had no respect for their rules and codes of honor even before he became the Demon King, with his kidnapping of the female dragon Camilla being the ultimate insult to their customs. It is unclear if he did this consumed by his hatred towards the dragons or if he was tempted by the unreachable female member of their species that only the Dragon King had access to.



Avel was never a particularly powerful and was rather weak as far as dragons go. However, following his transformation his power grew exponentially, becoming powerful enough to fight against the entire dragon race for a few decades. It seems his agility and speed was particularly noteworthy, with his white protrusions being used as propulsion for quick flight. His fighting style remained much like that of a Dragon, employing swift attacks of considerable force and a destructive dragon breath to annihilate anything in front of him.

Despite being quite powerful as a Demon King, arguably his strongest skill was his crafty mind, which was the root of all his greatest achievements, from the assassination of Kkulf Kkulf to the abduction of the female Dragon.

AV - Avel's EraEdit

  • AV00?? - Avel kidnaps Camilla from the Dragon King castle. Camilla was the only female Dragon and she belonged to Magiihoa.
  • AV0011 - Because Avel had violated a sacred Dragon rule, the entire Dragon tribe waged war on him. The "Final War" begins.
  • AV0056 - The "Final War" ends, Avel is sealed in a dark prison.
  • AV0061 -Ragnarok and the Angel Knights initiate the apocalypse protocol. Dragons are slowly hunted down over the course of 700 years.

Known Dark Lords Created: Meglass, Camilla

Preceded by: Demon King Kkulf Kkulf

Succeeded by: Demon King Ssulal


  • Avel was the only Demon King whose era continued after his defeat. In fact, nearly his entire era took place without his presence.


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