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Japanese アスマーゼ
Romanization asumāze
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Mage
World The Continent
Affiliation Souzou Masou
Mentioned in Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI


Athmaze was a talented mage that showed a potential for the Magic Arts solid enough to be selected as one of the only 10 students that studied under the legendary Witch Mysteria Tou, who was searching for a worthy successor. She's the mother of Shizuka Masou and Nagi su Ragarl, and was said to greatly resemble the first in appearance.

She's been described as a beautiful and intelligent woman, and many men were attracted by her charm. In particular, two of Mysteria's students developed strong romantic feelings for her, Souzou Masou and Chenezale do Ragarl, who were also rivals as mages. Chenezale was incredibly devoted to her and did everything he could to try to gain her heart, however, it proved futile as Athmaze ended up falling in love with Souzou and the two ended up getting married. This came off as a tremendous shock to Chenezale, who couldn't accept such thing and goes crazy with jealousy, beginning an abnormal stalking behavior. Fearing what Chenezale would be capable of doing in his demented state, Souzou and Athmaze escape from Mysteria's Academy and start living in a remote town. 

At some point, she gets pregnant and gives birth to Shizuka Masou in the year GI0999. Later on that same year, Chenezale manages to find them and challenges Souzou to a duel in the outskirts of the town but upon arriving, Souzou is immediately killed by a sneaky surprise attack from Chenezale. A worried Athmaze goes to the location of the duel only to find her husband dead and the crazy Chenezale, who's claiming victory over his dreaded rival Souzou, defeats Athmaze and rapes her right next to her husband's corpse. He later kidnaps her and locks her in his living place, where he continually rapes her every day as a way to show her his "love". Eventually, Athmaze is impregnated by him and gives birth to Shizuka's half-sister, Nagi su Ragarl. Athmaze's mental state has severely deteriorated and went insane as well, to the point she was incapable of ever recognizing Nagi, and eventually takes her own life.