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I really like Master. I even like master more than ladybugs. It's true, it's true, though I might like beetles a little more.

—Athena 2.0, when asked what she likes the most.


Athena 2.0
Japanese あてな2号
Romanization Atena Ni-gō
Race Athena Series
Age / Birth 5 / LP0002
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 148cm / 20kg (current)
151cm / 39kg (older)
Status Alive
Class Gunner
World The Continent
Affiliation Rance Castle, Frostvine
Level limit 1
Skill levels Bow Combat Lv1 (?), Learning Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance IV, Rance 4.1, Rance 4.2, Kichikuou Rance, Rance 5D, Rance Quest, Rance IX, Rance X
Mentioned in Rance VI



Athena 2.0 is an artificial humanoid lifeform part of the Athena Series, created by Frostvine using magic and the essence of a devil and an angel. She's basically an orange-haired organic magical android that serves as a pet to Rance, aiding him when adventuring and serving as some sort of watchdog for his house. She was originally created to be the ultimate toy for a child after the original, Athena 1.0, ended up being too human-like and ran off with a Ham Bambara monster.

Due to an oversight on Rance's and Frostvine's part, when Athena 2.0 was completed, she had many defects such as lacking components of primary and secondary sexual organs as well as having a reduced intelligence, though the sexual organs were added later. 

She lives in the Rance Castle as Rance's pet. She used to be the one that would guard his home and she also helped with simple house chores. Due to her reduced intelligence, she's an airhead that lives in her own happy little world.

Personality and Appearance[]

Athena 2.0 spending a relaxing time with Tourin.

She was born in July 16th of the year LP0002 and is already four years old. She has orange hair and eyes and is 151 cm. tall, while she weights only 20 kg.

Due to Rance's mistake during her creation, she has a very low IQ, about as high as a dog. She's capable of communicating with human's language though but she acts mostly instinctively. She's very obedient and curious about everything, and she's very loyal to Rance calling him her "master", who she loves very much. She also loves Lady Bugs and Beetles, often being distracted by them and running off to play with them. She actually claims that she likes beetles more than Rance.

She's not very fond of Sill and apparently hates a 47-year-old woman named Hanarenta that lives near Rance's house because she bullies her. She's often pretty lonely when Rance is not around because she's all alone, but she takes pride and responsibility in guarding Rance's home. She kicks off anyone that approaches to his house offering services or products and is always alert of "intruders".

She also developed a friendship with Sanada Tourin during the events of Rance IX. She also likes Pigu for their similarities.


While not very useful in the every day life due to her low IQ and her harebrained personality, she is very useful while adventuring. She has a level cap of 1, which means she can't raise a single level to become stronger. This is actually not really a bad thing since her base abilities are already great and don't need much improvement, which means she doesn't need to train or work to make good use of her abilities. The bad side of this is that she can't get any better either.

She has a Bow Combat Lv1 skill and is fairly proficient with them, which grants her a more than decent fighting potential. She also has a Learning Lv1 skill that allows her to quickly adapt to environments and easily learn how to deal with different situations instinctively. This skill helps her in combat as well since it helps her to quickly notice the enemies weak points to maximize damage.

Surprisingly, she can also make accurate calculations and maps. She also has a natural eyesight superior to humans, which is over 10 times that of a normal human. She claims that she can see CO2 and H2 particles. She also has naturally high recovery and stamina.

Her biggest weakness is her low IQ and how easily she can get distracted and lose focus. She's also incapable of wielding firearms.


  • In Rance IV, she was an optional character that required both Feliss and Willis to be summoned after speaking with Frostvine. In Rance 4.1 and Rance 4.2, her abilities to auto-heal and her sadism manifested themselves, often killing unconscious enemies with a fierce poke.
  • In Rance 5D it is revealed that alcohol has no effect on her. Instead, eating too many peanuts will cause her to become drunk.