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Japanese いやな奴
Romanization iyana yatsu
Race Insect
Sex Male
Class Monster
World The Continent
Strength Low-Medium
Appeared in Rance IV, Toushin Toshi 2, Persiom, Widenyo, Naguri Makuri Tower
Cameoed in Rance VI



The Asshole (いやな奴; Literally meaning "unpleasant guy, gross guy") is a very bizarre creature that inhabits The Continent. Despite the fact that it has a fairly humanoid form it is actually an Insect born from pieces of Souls that flaked off from the bodies of the Holy Beasts. As a result, these organisms don't have a Soul and are, thus, incapable of having feelings or ambitions despite the fact that their conduct and humanoid form might imply otherwise.

They share many physical simmilarities with humans even beyond their humanoid form, resembling a short and middle-aged man but with a very rounded face. Their eyes are ovoid-shaped and are not properly aligned, with each staring at opposing directions. They wear blue pants, some simple jewelry and have the word "ass; gross" tattooed on their forehead. They have obnoxious personalities, actively trying to be as annoying and exasperating as possible.

They can fight but they are fairly weak and possess a very unorthodox and strange fighting style. Instead of simply using their fists or legs and employ martial arts, the Assholes prefer to resort to their butts as their primal weapon of choice. When attacking the Assholes pull down their pants, turn around and dash forward towards their enemies, hitting them with their butt cheeks. While the attack is not particularly impressive in terms of potency, their fairly good physical aptitude allows them to deal a decent amount of damage to their opponents, while also infuriating them due to the absurdity of the situation. It's worth to note that while the Assholes represent no threat to trained warriors or experienced adventurers, they're still substantially stronger than an average human civilian.

There is an exceedingly rarer version of these named "Die Guy" (死ぬ奴, shinu yatsu) that is very similar in appearance but they have a pale gray skin tone instead. Surprisingly enough this sub-class discarded the idea of using their rear as a weapon and opted to wield a knife instead. However if they come across an enemy and engage in combat, instead of using this deadly tool against their opponents, they immediately stab their own necks, dying instantly without giving any experience points. The undemanding way they take their own lives might be the reason why they're so rare, as they have only been found in the 4th floor of the Ragnard Dungeon in Toushin Toshi 2.


  • Assholes are the only monster species that is designed by Tori, one of the lead developers for the majority of the Rance Series. Tori often refers to herself as "The Mother of all Assholes" due to her fondness for gross out humor, and always represents herself in-game using the Asshole sprite as a result.