Ashikaga Takauji
Japanese 足利尊氏
Romanization takauji ashikaga
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Lord
World The Continent
Affiliation Ashikaga House, JAPAN
Mentioned in Sengoku Rance

About[edit | edit source]

Ashikaga Takauji was the Lord of the Ashikaga House that managed to unify JAPAN under the flag of his house in the year GI0455, ending the 3rd Sengoku Period.

While not many details are known about him, he must have been a skilled Warlord and a charismatic leader. He managed to end the Sengoku Era in only three years, which was probably the shortest one seen in the country. He's presumed to have been a strong and admirable person, capable of defeating the other houses and claiming the name of the Emperor for himself, completely different to his most rescent descendant.

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