(c)アリスソフト The heart to the left is the crest of the Ashikaga House.

  • Leader - Ashikaga Choushin
  • Principle - Everyone should bow down to the Ashikaga!
  • Military strength - 2/5 (dispassionate army hired by money and have little love for their leader)

The Ashikaga House (足利家) used to be the family of shoguns. Now it lives in the memory of its former glory. The Ashikaga rules over Kyo and Mamushi Oil Field.

Appears in: Sengoku Rance


The beginning of its glory started in GI0455, when Ashikaga Takauji ended the third sengoku period by unifying JAPAN, and gathered the Three Divine Artifacts to become the Emperor. The Ashikaga clan has since been the line of the shogun.

In GI0910, the Ashikaga House lost its power, which started the fourth sengoku period of JAPAN.

At one point it became a vassal under the Oda House during Oda's expansion. However, following Oda's decline, the Ashikaga seized the chance and became independent again.

For historical reference, see wikipedia:Ashikaga shogunate and wikipedia:Muromachi period.

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