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Ashikaga Choushin
Japanese 足利超神
Romanization ashikaga chōshin
Ashikaga Choushin - Sengoku Rance
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Miko
World Rance World
Affiliation Ashikaga House, JAPAN
Level limit 6
Appeared in Sengoku Rance

About Edit

While he looks like a fish, he is actually human. Choushin Ashikaga is the lord of Ashikaga House and Akihime's brother, he is also materialistic.

He gave himself the name Choushin, meaning "Supergod", to match his own "beauty" and the old hereditary title of the shogun bestowed on his family. Needless to say, his sense of beauty is rather unusual. He finds Yamamoto Isoroku an ugly woman (though very skilled in war), and thus did not lay his hands on her.

He holds a grudge against the Oda House, as the proud Ashikaga House was Oda's vassal for a while.

Appearances Edit

Sengoku Rance Edit

As the lord of Ashikaga House, Ashikaga is very obsessed with Oda. Together with his personal adviser, Ikkyuu, they planned several strategies in order to defeat Oda, though to no avail. He also tried to gather forces by asking help from renowned officers and leaders, but failed once again due to the majority of people not wanting anything to do with him, much to his anger.

Ashikaga will declare war against Oda automatically if Rance kills his messenger or if the Tenshi Sect has declared war on Oda. After Oda conquered one of Ashikaga's territories, he will deploy one of his best officers, Yamamoto Isoroku to assassinate Oda's foreigner, Rance.

Ashikaga will be available in the prison (and can be added to the troops by a negotiation) right after Oda conquered all of his territories.

Ashikaga possesses one of the Emperor's items, which is later taken by Rance.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only known male character of the Miko class. This is likely because it is actually his female subordinates that carry him in combat doing the work for him.
  • Contrary to his appearance, he is actually quite young, being only the same age as Rance.
  • He has a number of similarities with both Fletcher Modell of Helman and Radon Alphorne of Zeth. All three are over-privileged and unattractive nobles who make distinct and strange noises and are often compared to animals. All three also relied entirely on reputation in order to maintain a position of power and are almost laughably weak.

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