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Monsters are living beings as well. They only attack people because they invade their territories. You'd try to fight off someone who barged into your house too, wouldn't you Rance?

—Arnie, trying to express her point of view to Rance.

This Character has reached their Level Cap
Arnie Rolento
Japanese アーニィ
Romanization āni
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Outlaw
World The Continent
Affiliation Angel Army
Level limit 21
Skill levels Sword Combat Lv1 (?), Thief Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance 4.1, Rance 4.2


Arnie Rolento was the leader of the Bear Group Division of the Angel Army, the extremist Organization that fought for the rights of Monsters. Her division represented the offensive unit of the Organization, being the primal combat force specialized in taking down their enemies with frontal battles. She worships her boss and Leader of the Angel Army, Archibald, and follows all his orders with unquestionable devotion and loyalty.

Arnie presents herself as a timid and helpless girl.

She made first appearance in Rance 4.1 as an adventurer that applied for the job presented by Happiness Pharmaceutical to exterminate the monsters in the dungeon below their Factory. In her first appearance, she was seen helpless when being attacked by a group of Hannies, where Rance appeared along with Athena 2.0 to save her just in time. She explained that she was an adventurer like him that wanted to get rid of the monsters but that she's really weak and can't really do much, so Rance just encouraged her to quit so that she doesn't get hurt. Arnie was largely seen as fairly weak and wasn't really a threat in the competition the Adventurers had to complete the job and get the huge reward. In reality, Arnie was the one pulling the strings from the shadows by manipulating the monsters and by eliminating other adventurers in the dungeon by setting several traps. She also acted outside of the dungeon, as she poisoned one of the adventurers while he was sleeping in the Dormitory of Happiness Pharmaceutical, which also made them to stop trusting in each other. Many of the adventurers that were killed while trying to solve the mission where either directly or indirectly killed by her.

She tried to kill Rance with a trap of nearly invisible wires that would decapitate him but, luckily for him, Athena 2.0 was the one that was caught in the trap, but she didn't lose her head due to her artificial body being more sturdy than that of a common human, so Rance cut the wires on the spot. Later on, when the adventurers discovered that Summon-chan was the one that was filling the dungeon with monsters, she convinced Bird, Kisara and Rance to work together to get a special item hidden in the dungeon that would allow them to defeat Summon-chan, claiming that it was heavily guarded by a powerful beast. However, once they reached the location, they didn't find the item nor the monster when suddenly the cavern started collapsing. They all attempted to run but Bird and Kisara found themselves trapped with no means to escape, while Rance barely managed to escape with the help of Pink Mask. She warned him that Arnie was the one behind this traps and that she was his enemy, before disappearing immediately.


After Rance found a passage to attack Summon-chan from behind and take her down, he once again encountered Arnie, this time aware that she was the one behind all the traps and expressed his willingness to rape her as punishment. They engaged in a short but fierce battle in which Rance came out victorious, much to Arnie's surprise. She claimed that she was impressed by Rance's strength and skill as an adventurer, being able to survive up until now, and tried to convince him to join her by expressing her ideals of wanting to protect monsters, however, Rance showed a lack of interest by claiming that the world is all about survival of the fittest, and the strongest are the ones that earn the right to do what they desire.


mDue to his victory, Rance expressed his intentions to have sex with her and, after having a brief session in 69 position, she convinced him to move to a different location where they would be able to fornicate in a more comfortable place than the sturdy and rocky ground. Upon arriving to this area, Arnie activated a trap that removed the floor and almost made Rance fall a hundred feet to a floor filled with spikes, barely clinging to the edge with Athena 2.0 clinging onto him. Arnie started mocking over his idiocy for falling for such a simple deception and started stepping on his hand to make him fall, but he was saved once again by Pink Mask, who forced her to retreat and pulled Rance back.

After Rance defeated Summon-chan, Arnie's mission was deemed a failure and Partie took the responsibility of attacking the Happiness Pharmaceutical Company directly with several members of the Angel Army, making Arnie return to the main base of the Organization as a result.

She later re-appeared in Rance 4.2  when Rance attacked the Headquarters of the Angel Army, recognizing him immediately and quickly noticing about Partie's defeat. Aware of his true strength, she hired the members of the Marishiten Assassination Brigade to finally take him down for good this time. 

After Rance managed to defeat all the members of the Assassination Group, she appeared in front of him along with many subordinates admitting that if the assassins she hired failed to kill Rance, then they were just as incapable of taking down, since she was aware that Marishiten and his subordinates were a lot stronger than her. Despite her subordinates' complaints, she attempted once again to talk with Rance and revealed everything to him, explaining that the Happiness Pharmaceutical Company was holding the Holy Gal Monster Wenlina captive for the development of a drug and that they only wanted to save their beloved Wenlina. While Rance claimed that he didn't care as he was just completing the jobs assigned to him by the company, her version made him dubious enough to start investigating his clients and, eventually, rescuing Wenlina himself. Despite this, he still intended to complete his job, and he still held a grudge towards Arnie for all the trouble she brought to him and made his goal to have sex with her.


After going through the whole base, he finally managed to reach Arnie, facing her once again in battle and defeating her for good this time. Arnie admitted her defeat and surrendered, and Rance's party tied her subordinates to prevent them from moving. He then approached the defeated Arnie and started removing her clothes, however, she caught him by surprise when she took a hidden knife from her sleeve and thrusted it deep into his neck. The astonished Rance had little chance to react and Arnie took the chance to behead him, killing him on the spot. Arnie started laughing maniacally while Rance's party just stood there speechless, however, Wenlina immediately made appearance and used her ultimate healing spell that can only be used once a year to bring Rance back to life, declaring her love for Rance. This scenery left Arnie completely confused and stupefied, as everything she had done was for Wenlina's sake and couldn't understand why she would use her ultimate spell on her dreaded enemy. Everything Arnie believed in crumbled before her and she became unemotional, even questioning her own purpose for existence if she was wrong all this time. Rance then finally wanted to rape her but she didn't care at all and simply allowed him to do whatever he wanted. 

Personality and Appearance[]


Arnie is a young girl that boasts a short hair with a hairpin of a Bear that portrays her status as a member of the Bear Unit of the Angel Army. She wears mostly pink, and is quite attractive, as many of her subordinates were attracted to her, and both Rance and Genri showed interest in her even before they found out she was their enemy.

Her personality is not nearly as charming as her looks however. Similar to most of the members of the extremist Organization, Arnie was brutal and ruthless, taking down her enemies with cold-blood by making use of several cunning traps and deceptions. She was absolutely merciless and decisive, without the slightest hesitation or fear. When infiltrating and hiding, she's amiable, timid and supportive, but this is nothing but a mask she uses to deceive her enemies and draw them to their deaths. She doesn't like Rance, as she sees him as the most dreaded enemy of the Angel Army and thinks of him as a brute and lustful man, but she still holds some level of respect for him due to his incredible skill and fighting prowess.


Arnie has a strong love and respect for Archibald, and holds him in a higher regard than almost anyone. She worships him and adores him a lot, being the one with who she had her first time with. Despite this, Arnies is one of the few members of the Angel Army that is more dedicated to the cause than she is to Archibald. While her love and respect for him is great, her belief to fight for the rights of Monsters and the protection of Gal Monsters is incredibly powerful. She's very devoted towards protecting Gal Monsters, and arguably thinks of Wenlina as someone more valuable to her than even Archibald, as her adoration and love for her was so great that the scenery of her using her special ability to bring Rance back from death was enough to throw Arnie in despair.

Arnie was a greatly beloved leader as well, and most of her subordinates had a crush for her. She was widely respected and admired within the Angel Army for her competence and her leading skills, with some of its members like Eagle joining solely for their devotion for her. She was also described as someone that treats everyone equally and with respect, as Eagle claimed that she was the only that treated him like a human being. She was also a very rational and sensible person, and was perfectly capable of noticing her own limitations and the superiority of other individuals with little shame. Due to her great admiration for Archibald, Arnie developed a pretty harsh rivalry with the commander of the Rabbit Unit, Partie Burr, and they were in constant competition with the other. Both looked down and tried to ridicule the other as much as possible, as both remarked on how the failure of the other was "pathetic". Despite this rivalry they share, they are still willing to cooperate and work together for the sake of Archibald.



Arnie was the Commander of the Bear Unit of the Angel Army, granting her a high hierarchical position within the organization that allows her to lead most of its members, being below only Archibald himself, and an equal to Partie Burr. She had authority to lead most of the members of the group and decide how to operate, to the point of being able to even move the whole Group to another location to avoid Rance if she finds it fit. 

She was a very efficient leader, very charismatic, sensible and with a highly tactical and cunning mind. She's a very intelligent person, as she's able to control and manipulate her enemies the way she wants with ease, and set several complicated traps to sneakily take down her opponents while remaining uncovered. She's extremely effective at deception, and she's capable of planning far ahead to always be able to get away from every situation. She's very cautious and effective, to the point she was able to foil Rance several times and escaping from him just as many despite the latter's great talent for adventuring. Her most notable accomplishment was being able to take Rance's life, which is an extraordinary feat, considering it's something that many Dark Lords, Toushin, and other extremely talented people have failed at. This feat is more attributed to her cunning mind and determined demanour, rather than her fighting prowess.

In battle she fights by wielding a knife, which she's very skilled with. She boasts a Level Cap of 21, with it being her current Level, and Sword Combat and Thief Lv1 skills. She's quite strong, enough to be a decent opponent to adventurers, but her fighting skills are rather unimpressive when compared to her other talents.


  • While she's not the Leader of the Angel Army, she can be considered the Main Antagonist of the 4.x games, as she's the main architect of all the situations Rance goes through.
  • She's one of the few humans to reach her Level Cap, though it's a fairly low one.