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Throughout the Rance Universe, there are unique sets of armor, weapons, and items that grant their user various unique attributes to their wielder, or bare unique importance to the story or universe, and are one-of-a-kind.

List of armor setsEdit

Holy Armor set - Worn by Rance.  Together, they allow the release on a certain seal.

Kichikuou armor - Worn by Rance.  Accrued over his many years of accomplished adventuring, mercenary work, and monster-slaying.

Emperor's regalia - Worn by various.  Grants Level "2.5" swordsmanship (equivalent to a Master swordsman, but approaching Godlike), as well as the more coveted ability to exert absolute control over the human populace of JAPAN, as well as anyone born there.

Leazus Mark A armor - Worn by Rick Addison.  Incredibly powerful armor that improves his self-confidence. Destroyed by rolex

List of weapons that grant special abilitiesEdit

While not important in sets, various items can grant their users unique abilities that would only be available through great training, science, powerful magic, or birthright.

Decapitation Blade

Crystal Rod

Demonic Sword Chaos

Holy Sword Nikkou



Poison Dango Spear

Unique ItemsEdit

Items that grant special abilities, or have very unique, interesting, or even world-breaking properties:

Kalar Gem - Achieved by incredibly malicious means, a powerful magical focus that augments the users magical potential by leaps and bounds.

Forbidden Talent Prayer Token - One of the few items or circumstances one can undergo that will actually *raise* a level cap of a human.  An incredibly rare artifact of the level goddess Undermill, She will part with one if you give her a suitably valuable gem (if you can find her in the first place...) .  Less powerful variants of these items can be found in dungeon treasure chests.

The Human Headed Dog - Grants extra actions.  Not to be trifled with.

Hirami Lemon - A rare, incredibly sour lemon capable of surpressing the Demon King Curse when eaten regularly.

The Hallucinogen of Death - An incredibly rare, powerful hallucinogen.  "Of Death" is just a title, it's really just a powerful hallucinogen.

Paralysis powder - A strange medicine that can incapacitate any woman, even a Dark Lord.

Scales of Orochi - Allows a Youkai or Servant of Orochi to venture far away from Orochi with no ill effect

Seashells - Mundane seashells on The Continent are not from shellfish as we know them, but rather are remnants of the now extinct Round Ones, therefore are each priceless, one-of-a-kind fossils.

Seal Staves - Used by skilled holy wizards to seal Dark Lords into an alternate void-dimension.  Can be interrupted or resisted by suitably powerful strength or magic, but can (in effect) destroy a lesser Dark Lord (if any of them can be called "lesser" at all) without the aid of one-of-a-kinds like Nikkou or Chaos.

Hiroshi-kun- Cursed tower shield that's permanently attached with Sachiko Centers and cannot be seperated from her. It grants her level 2 shield defence.

Soul Shackles - Promotes the wearer to be depressed and unmotivated.  They aren't very useful, but can help you achieve something very sinister if you know how to use them...

Places that have unique properties:Edit

Limestone Caves - Grant unlimited magic, as well as unlimited stamina by warriors.

Study Dungeon - Forces one to study when one sits at a desk inside it until one has become smarter.

The Hyperbuilding - An arbitrarily tall skyscraper.  Has a buggy supercomputer on the 55th floor.

Plague Zone - Created by Hornet and Red Eye after a battle.  Anything, not matter how powerful (even robots), which ventures into this zone will get incredibly sick and eventually die.

Genbu Castle - Has strange, reality-violating properties.

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