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Ariake Harami
Japanese 有明 はらみ
Romanization Ariake Harami
Race Human
Sex Female
Status Alive
Class Student
World Big Bang Age
Affiliation NPI
Appeared in Daibanchou


Ariake Harami is one of many students fighting for the NPI, but where most fight for them out of loyalty or are pushed by Kojiro's machinations, Harami's objective is much more practical: she is using her pay to fund her ever expanding collection of doujinshi. Always going to the conventions and events for any hint of new material, she grows quickly enraged when Wolf Fang captures her as her incarceration stops her from buying the latest material. Still, when Zanma Rouga eventually finds a particularly rare article, she decides to join Wolf Fang in exchange for it.

Though she often tells of her passion to Zanma Rouga for this artform, she slowly started growing disillusioned with doujinshi and the more clichéd material. However, during a huge convention in Akibahara, she encounters the mysterious Yarashidou, who gives her a particularly erotic vision of her with one of her favorite characters. Though most who obtain a vision from him are only left confused, Harami instead was reinvigorated and refocused herself on writing doujinshi, even hosting a massive exhibition at Dream Islans with Rouga's help, which proved to be immensely popular. In her epilogue, she keeps writing and publishing numerous popular doujinshi.

Personality and Appearance[]

Ariake Harami has the look of an inconspicuous high-school student. She wears a fairly typical high-school attire with brown tones, and has long, dark hair. She is mostly recognizable by the fact that she carries a doujinshi wherever she goes, even going so far as reading it in the middle of battle.

Harami is a very devoted fan of doujinshi, ready to defend her craft no matter the circumstances, and treating rare doujinshi as the most precious of treasures. She is quite headstrong as well, mercilessly insulting even those who captured her and letting virtually no one come between her and her passion. Though she is a virgin, she is hardly a prude, as she was perfectly willing to sell herself in exchange for Rouga's rare doujinshi, and has powerful fantasies concerning her favorite characters.


As a fighter, Harami is quite average, with her low range and HP leaving her quite vulnerable to more experienced fighters. However, her spirited personality helps grant her a very good counter rate and decent attack power, making her decent at finishing off units and capturing units with her mercy skill.

Harami sprite.png

Additionally, she is a also a quite cheap unit that can bring considerable income, and can easily be compared to a superior version of the generic Toukyou School recruits.

Her true abilities of course lie in her skill with writing doujinshi, making her one of the few units granting a massive gold bonus through her events.

Her element is "Normal" and she has no elemental bonus.


  • She is the only character that must encounter Yarashidou to be fully cleared (with the exception of Part-Time Girl Namu)
Harami Doujin Reading.png
Harami's Level Up Quote
  • She is one of the characters that can bring bonus BP while being cleared, like Kongomaru Aya, Tanzawa Nina, Marishia and Namu.

Battle quote -[]

  • "Let's end this quickly, I want to start on my drafts..."
  • "Which means, I want you to die quickly for me."


Character Walkthrough[]

How to obtain: Capture her in battle after she appears in Oosaka and persuade her twice. Then interrogate any eyeless character to obtain the "Doujinshi (同人誌)." Persuade her again.


Range: Short

Bond: Hostile


  • Mercy: 2 Stamina. Prevents her attack from finishing her opponent.

Character Checks:

  • Speak to her at least 4 times in the Conversation Phase.
  • Raise her level 10 times (93 to next) for a start of turn event.
  • This star requires you to have control of Narra (七良) and to have not yet arrested Yarashidou. Station her in Akihabara (秋波原) for an event to auto-trigger.
  • After clearing the previous star, talk to her again in Conversation Phase. About 5 turns after talking to her, trigger the event "Harami's Exhibition" ("はらみの即売会")  in Dream Island (夢の島).
  • Speak to her after clearing the previous star. You will receive 1000 BP. 

Other Notes:

  • CG [8-3-4] is obtained while clearing her 3rd star.
  • The item "Banzai Squirrel (万歳モモンガ)" can be obtained by talking to her.
  • Ariake Harami is needed for character clear of Nakanishi Kyoudo.