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You're all so cute. Human women are so dirty. You are all so pure and pretty in comparison. I would do anything to protect you.

—Archibald, expressing his love for Gal Monsters.

Japanese アーチボルト
Romanization āchibaruto
Archibald (Houri)
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Monk
World The Continent
Affiliation Angel Army, Tenshi Sect
Appeared in Rance 4.2
Mentioned in Rance 4.1, Sengoku Rance


Archibald is the leader of the Gal Monster rights terrorist group the Angel Army, the older brother of the Tenshi Sect Monk Genri and the main antagonist of Rance 4.1 and 4.2.

His real name is Houri (砲裏), but he considers it ugly and prefers to go by Archibald. Unlike his scruffy and crass brother, he has a handsome and refined appearance, almost exaggeratedly so, sporting beautiful long blonde hair and extravagant clothing. He fled the Tenshi Sect when he was ordered to shave his head to serve as a monk, showing him to be very vain.

Popular Archibald

Archibald and his harem of Gal Monsters.

He is incredibly popular with women due to his looks, with almost all of the female members of the Angel Army expressing interest in him and some going so far as to swear off all men besides him. Despite this, he is uninterested in regular women, considering them "filthy" and "impure" and is instead solely attracted to Gal Monsters. His attraction to Gal Monsters reaches the point of obsession, as his motivation for forming the Angel Army was entirely to create his own harem of them.


He and the Angel Army attacked the Happiness Pharmaceutical Company research facility to rescue the Holy Gal Monster Wenlina, who the company was using to develop their latest miracle medicine. His plans were ultimately foiled by Rance and his brother, who teamed up to destroy his organization. When confronted in his throne room by the group, Archibald attempted to summon the legendary Holy Beast Orochi to defeat the party but was foiled when Rance erased a portion of the summoning circle, resulting in him instead summoning a Hanny. In the end, he was defeated by the group, unwillingly had his head shaved by his brother and then dragged back to JAPAN to resume his life as a monk.

He is mentioned by Genri in Sengoku Rance to still be working as a monk for the Tenshi Sect, though he does not actually appear in game. Genri claims that he is still highly upset over the loss of his hair.


Archibald Battler

Archibald is a skilled practitioner of Tenshiism and is capable of all of the techniques generally associated with it. He is seemingly much stronger than his brother Genri, as he is capable of holding his own against a party of four people that had Genri in it. He is also far more powerful than the rest of the Angel Army, and is even more powerful than several members of the Marishiten Assassination Brigade, though he is noticeably weaker than its leader Marishiten. He was, however, able to use the Haniwa technique Hanny Flash, an unusual trait in a human.

Archibald's most notable ability is his summoning, as, with the assistance of a summoning circle, he was capable of unsealing Orochi, a Divine Beast that requires annual sacrifices by the Miko Institute to remain sealed. While it is unknown if Archibald was actually capable of accomplishing this feat, his confidence in doing it and Genri's fear of it suggest that he is skilled enough at summoning for it to be a believable threat.



Concept artwork of Genri and Houri in Sengoku Rance.

  • He was initially going to appear in Sengoku Rance, and concept artwork of him (now sporting a shaved head) and Genri exists, but he was cut from the game for unknown reasons.
  • The character of Vise on the card of the same name in the game Mamatoto bears a strong resemblance to him both in appearance and personality. Similarly, the character of Gourai on another card strongly resembles his brother Genri.
  • Although he canonically survives the events of Rance 4.2, not only does killing him not result in a game over unlike most major bosses, but but even if you do kill him, he is still implied to be merely unconscious in the ending.