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Japanese アプロス
Romanization apurosu
Race Angel
Sex Female
Status Deceased
World Toushin Toshi II setting
Affiliation Toushin City
Appeared in Toushin Toshi II, Toushin Toshi GIRLS GIFT
If you refuse to do as I say, you and your beloved partner will meet a fate even more horrible.

—Apros to Seed Cashima, Tournament of the Gods: Title Match


Apros is the mayor of Toushin City, and the chief instigator of the Toushin Tournament. From her home in Toushin Manor, she oversees the day-to-day operations of both. She lives there with past winners of the tournament, such as Toushin Crank, who hold an incredibly high status in the city due to their rank and renown. She is served by a body of cloaked servants, who are powerful warriors in their own right.

In private, Apros' ambitions are much greater than simple political power. Apros is actually a fallen angel, who empowered Dellas Gaeta as an Angel Eater and joined him in a rebellion against heaven. When Dellas was ultimately captured or killed and sent to hell, Apros began a generations-long scheme to rescue him, hoping to use the Ragnard Dungeon, a little-known entrance to hell, to gain access to Dellas' cell and rescue him. To that end, she began the Toushin Tournament to find the world's strongest warriors, empowered the winning men as Angel Eaters, and then enslaved them using hostages and the drugs required to survive the Angel Eater process.

Apros' slaves eventually freed Dellas, thanks in large part to the efforts of newly-appointed Toushin Seed Cashima. Unfortunately for the pair, Seed's fiancee, Hazuki Mizuhara, came looking for him via the tournament, and Apros' attempts to capture her backfired, leading to Hazuki and Seed's escape and eventual return. Now under the orders of the Oni King, Seed and Hazuki killed both Apros and Dellas and sent them to hell's judgement.

Personality and Appearance[]

Apros was controlling and sadistic in private, a stark contrast to her public persona.

Apros was controlling and sadistic in private, a stark contrast to her public persona.

As a public figure, Apros affected the demeanor of a pleasant hostess, though she kept herself in relative solitude, and was only seen once by Seed Cashima during the entire Toushin Tournament. Among her servants and slaves however, Apros was a domineering overlord, absolutely consumed by the hunt for Dellas and the acts of cruelty she uses to maintain them. When Seed refused to follow Apros' orders, she revealed to Seed that she had been torturing Serena Phraze and would kill them both if Seed did not comply. Only in private did she allow any show of weakness, and likewise, only in private does she reveal her angelic nature.

Apros' love for Dellas was genuine enough to rebel against both Heaven and the mortal world.

Apros' love for Dellas was genuine enough to rebel against both Heaven and the mortal world.

Despite her cruel personality, Apros is capable of expressing genuine love for Dellas: Upon being told that they could not be together, Apros lead a rebellion against Heaven and the mortal world, wishing to create a new world where they could be together. When Dellas was ultimately killed or captured, Apros was determined to free him from Hell, willing to use any means at her disposal to make her reunion with her beloved a reality.

Apros was a young woman who had long, red hair with a yellow bow. She wore a white dress with a yellow ribbon, a pearl necklace and choker, and a pair of yellow earrings for her everyday appearances, though in combat, she shed the dress and fought in the nude, revealing her angel's wings.

In Toushin Toshi GIRLS GIFT, Apros' dress is modified to expose her cleavage and navel, and is given gold trim. Her hair is also more straight and recolored to orange, and is parted to expose her forehead, which contains a golden crystal or ornament. She also no longer sheds her clothing when in combat.


Apros gives Seed Cashima her blood in Toushin Toshi GIRLS GIFT

Apros gives Seed Cashima her blood in Toushin Toshi GIRLS GIFT

A powerful angel even before her betrayal, Apros made for a formidable combatant, showing supernatural endurance and regenerative powers that allowed her to recover from what would have otherwise been a fatal wound from Serena Phraze. In battle, she demonstrated powerful magic, including Black Destruction Beam and various defensive shields.

Apros' most unusual power was the ability to create Angel Eaters through sexual contact with men (or giving them her blood in Toushin Toshi Girls Gift). The origin of this power and its specifics are all unknown. The existence of her powerful servants may also be some extension of her potent magical powers.

While unarmed in the original game, in Girls Gift she wields a large lance as her weapon of choice.


  • In Toushin Toshi GIRLS GIFT, Apros has a golden mark or ornament on her forehead that appears similar to a Kalar crystal. What this is meant to indicate is unknown. In the original game, her brow was concealed by her hair.