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Japanese あおい
Romanization aoi
Race Human
Age / Birth 20 / GI1001
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 165cm / 48kg
Status Alive
Class SEX Slave
World The Continent
Affiliation DX Association, Free Cities Alliance
Level limit 6
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance X
Are you my new master? My name is...Aoi...if you don't like it, you may give me another name. Call me Dog, or Cat...or something you like...

—Aoi, sexually aroused upon meeting her new owner.


Aoi is a character that appeared in in the non-canonical Kichikuou Rance. Her presence has been confirmed in the canonical timeline.

Aoi used to be a normal young woman living in the Free Cities Alliance until she was captured by the DX Association, a mafia organization led by Gracq Alcapone. A very attractive woman, she was forced into a life of slavery and thoroughly trained as a SEX slave. Aoi underwent harsh indoctrination and training from the DX until her body and psyche were completely warped. She was remodeled as a perfectly devoted servant used for nothing but sexual intercourse. Her mind has been altered to desire nothing but sex, focused on nothing but her partner's pleasure. She has lost all sense of pride or dignity, and will debase herself to any degree so long as it pleases her master. Her body has been trained to be sensitive yet durable, getting turned on extremely easily and fast, and being always ready to accept a partner. Her endurance was improved to the point that she could sleep with 10 men in a night with no problems. The results of all this training have lead her to violently crave sex and she cannot spend too long without fornicating, going progressively more and more desperate for it with the passage of time.

Among the DX's SEX slaves, she is considered first class, regarded as a perfect specimen. She wears a revealing outfit that serves to restrain her movements for her master's preference and has her breasts and vagina completely exposed. 

Aoi in the rehabilitation room.

During the events of Kichikuou Rance Gracq gifts her to Rance after he conquers the town of Rockearth, where the DX Association is based. Gracq feared Rance might destroy the DX and hoped the gift would endear Rance to them. 

Though Rance at first he enjoys sex with Aoi, at some point he will begin feel pity for her state and ask Maris for a way to undo her training and turn her back into a normal girl. Maris undertakes the challenge and puts Aoi through a rehabilitation program. In her rehabilitation room, Aoi is completely deprived of sex, her movements are restricted, soft music is played, and her all male visitors are restricted, in the hopes that her mind will gradually revert. In the beginning Aoi nearly goes insane, begging for sex even if it's with a monster or a dog. Over time she grows more calm and begins to resemble her old self more. Rance can visit her room to encourage her from outside, since according to Maris, contact with men would tempt her again.

Many months pass until she's finally able to recover, but her memory from her former life is completely lost. She is eventually adopted by an elderly couple who were informed about her situation. Aoi is once again able to live a relatively normal life, though with the warning that she wouldn't be able to have sex or get married, or she could lose her mind again.