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My dad, Imagawa Yoshimoto, is in here as the Hanny King. Um, please help Dad!

—Anko, asking Rance to rescue her dad.

Anko Imagawa
Japanese 今川あんこ
Romanization imagawa anko
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Civilian
World The Continent
Affiliation JAPAN
Appeared in Sengoku Rance



Anko Imagawa is the only daughter of the common citizen Yoshimoto Imagawa, who was incidentally mistaken by the Hannies for the Hanny King after wearing a costume, which led to him being dragged against his will by the Haniwa and forced to establish a small Imagawa House and take part in the Sengoku Period.

Being greatly worried by her father, Anko attempted to rescue or at least contact him a few times, but her efforts proved futile as he was accompanied by Hannies at all times and they would have slayed her if it wasn't for the fact that her father ordered them not to lay a finger on her. Concerned, she contacted with the Oda House and revealed the truth, stating how her father was kidnapped by the Hannies and begging for help. Rance, who was the shadow ruler of the Oda House that was commanding its army to unify the country, met with Yoshimoto upon hearing this story from 3G, where he agreed to defeat the Imagawa House and rescue him from the Hannies in exchange of letting him have sex with Anko. Even though her father didn't agree, Rance happily left calling it a "deal" and proceeded to crush the Hannies with full force, also making it look like he killed the Hanny King (Yoshimoto) in combat to fool the remaining Hannies. 

After he rescued her father, the two were able to reunite after so long, but the endearing reunion was interrupted by Rance, who claimed Anko as his own and took her to a close room in order to have sex with her immediately. After he was done with her, she gave her back to Yoshimoto and the two were able to live quietly once again.

Personality and Appearance[]

Anko fainting before having sex with Rance.

Anko is a very timid and fainthearted girl that has been sheltered by her father and loves him deeply. She's very concerned by him and has been able to show a little bit of bravery to try to contact with the Hannies after he was taken in order to save him. It wasn't, however, a very sensible idea despite her good intension, as she was naive enough to believe in the Hannies' would to listen and believe her story and had to be saved by her father.

A very humble and simple girl, she's a relatively average looking girl with a long blue hair. She's usually polite and well-manered but also shy and easily scared, being terrified of foreigners such as Rance, as she thought that they ate people for some reason. She's really clumsy, awkward and prone to fits of panic when dealing with things that scare her. When Rance was about to have sex with her, she was so terrified of her unbased idea that foreigners eat people that she would regularly lose consciousness, several times infact, as Rance tried to wake her up.


  • The Hannies claimed that her name sounded like Unko(shit) and Manko(vagina), which they found stupid.