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A battallion of Angel Knights in Kichikuou Rance.

Angels are servants of the Gods and administrate the world. They're classed as Gods between the ranks of 7 and 13. After Level Gods, angels are the type of god that are most commonly seen in The Continent, since they tend to wander around the mortal world.

They obey the orders of their masters and don't think too deeply or have many desires. While intelligent and rational they are simple-minded with not many purposes in life. They are loyal to the Gods and follow their orders with no complaints. 

There's a city in the God's Realm where all angels live, which cannot be accessed by mortals. Usually they are in charge of administrative jobs and paperwork but sometimes they are required to fight and become Angel Knights. They are pretty strong fighters, usually using magic and holy swords in combat. Their wings allow them to fly around and gives them an advantage over whatever enemies they have. While they are immortals and do not age, they can be killed and a very strong human is perfectly capable of killing an Angel. 

Their main job in The Continent is to find and retrieve souls. They are at a constant competition with the Devils to find and obtain the souls and if they were to find one they would immediately engage in a fight to take down the Devil. While Devils may seem strong, they are completely outclassed by Angels, and can do nothing but run and hide when directly confronted by one, or at least this is the case for devils that are in the mortal realm. Sometimes, they are mistakenly confused with the False Angel Knights, a class of Gal Monster that greatly resemble Angels in appearance (hence the name).

Angels used to have the job to purify polluted souls as well. The purification of Polluted Souls is a long and difficult process that often pollutes the soul of the one doing the purifying in the process. The Angels hated the job, so they created the Oni to do this job for them.

Angels can be made by high ranked gods, however most of the times they just increase their numbers with Kalars that become angels in their Time of Change. Sometimes, humans that have their ascetic lifestyles recognized by a God can become Angels but this is very rare.

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