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I've heard about them. They seem to be a religious group who think that all living things should be friends and Gal Monsters in particular should be treasured.

Genri, talking about the Angel Army.

About[edit | edit source]

The Angel Army was an extremist Gal Monster rights activist group created and led by the rogue Tenshi Sect monk Houri. While the organization's official mission was the protection of various Gal Monster species across The Continent by ending any and all unethical treatment being done to them, in reality it was created to fulfill its founder's selfish desire to have a harem made up of every type of Gal Monster. The majority of its members also had much less pure motivations, with several of the men having Gal Monster fetishes and several of the women only joining the group to get closer to its handsome leader.

The Angel Army hesitate to resort to violence in order to reach their goals.

The Angel Army was a fairly large organization divided into three primary sections: the Bear Group, which made up the bulk of its offensive might and was led by Arnie Rolento, the Rabbit Group, a smaller, more specialized division used mostly for infiltration and hit-and-run maneuvers that was led by Partie Burr, and the Duck Group, a non-combat unit that focused on the transportation of equipment throughout the organization. Additionally, several grateful Gal Monsters chose to fight alongside these groups as unofficial members, further bolstering their numbers. While small and insignificant when compared to nationally funded armies such as the Leazas military, the Angel Army was large enough to pose a major threat to the much less well-equipped businesses that it normally targeted, where it utilized confusion and guerilla tactics to great effect.

Members of the Angel Army were known for wearing a distinct uniform consisting of a pair of shades, a scarf colored either red for the Bear Group, blue for the Rabbit Group or yellow for the Duck Group, and roller skates, which gave them much greater speed and maneuverability. In combat, they fought using either clubs or twin batons to bludgeon their opponents. The higher-ranking members of the organization seemed to not be required to wear the uniform, with most wearing completely different outfits and using unique weapons.

The Angel Army was notorious for its use of excessive violence to accomplish its mission, mercilessly attacking the groups they opposed and caring little for civilian casualties in the crossfire. It also made full use of underhanded tactics, such as holding Doharas Happiness captive and threatening to take his life if their demands weren't met, and hiring the Marishiten Assassination Brigade to eliminate their opposition.

The only known instance of the group's work was its raid on the Happiness Pharmaceutical Company to rescue the legendary Gal Monster Wenlina, who had been captured by the company for her healing ability, which was being used to create its latest miracle drug. Ultimately, the group was crushed by Rance during this time, with its leader being forcefully returned to JAPAN by his brother, leading to it disbanding soon after.

Known Members[edit | edit source]

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