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Andorra Kujira
Japanese アンドラ・くじら
Romanization andora kujira
Race Human
Sex Female
Status Alive
World Toushin Toshi II setting
Affiliation Keijin Carter
Appeared in Toushin Toshi II, Toushin Toshi Girls Gift
While the heavens may forgive you for not acknowledging pro-wrestling's strength, Keijin's #1 fan, Andorra Kujira, will not! Remember that.

—Andorra Kujira, Toushin Toshi II


Andorra Kujira is the self-proclaimed manager and number one fan of Keijin Carter, who served as his partner during the Toushin Tournament. Her faith in her idol, and in pro wrestling in general, is absolute. So confident is she in Keijin's ultimate victory, that she interviewed his first opponent, Seed Cashima, on details of his inevitable defeat several days prior to the match. She keeps a document she calls "A. Kujira Fighting Spirit Confidential Notes" on her that contains data on Keijin's many opponents.

Keijin and Kujira's relationship is somewhat one-sided, and he is never actually seen acknowledging her at any point, though she did apparently get him to promise to sleep with her if he wins the tournament. She admits she was originally one of his groupies, and forced her way into the pseudo-managerial position because "a woman in love has to be assertive." As she is not as fit as Keijin, she has trouble keeping up with him on his daily exercise.