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Anasel Caspora
Japanese アナセル・カスポーラ
Romanization anaseru kasupōra
Race Human
Age / Birth 20 / GI1002
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 162cm / 44kg
Status Alive
Class Civilian
World The Continent
Affiliation Helman
Level limit 11
Skill levels Music Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance IX, Rance X


Anasel Caspora is a young girl from a wealthy family, from the Helman Empire. She's a very attractive woman, gifted, and praised for her stunning beauty, and living a luxurious life as a noble. She is extremely proud of herself and her family, looking down on common peasants and seeing thieves and bandits as the worst scum.

She first appeared in the non-canon Kichikuou Rance, where she was living in the town of Golak. At the beginning of the game Rance, who was leading a group of bandits, found her after raiding her village and captured her. She was extremely hostile and constantly insulting Rance and his thieves, demanding them to let her free. Rance was mostly annoyed by her behavior, but he regardless took her back to him to his hideout and raped her. Enraged by her situation and the forceful fornication she experienced, she decided to give Rance information about a poor girl from her town named Merci Archa, who had beaten her in a beauty contest before. Anasel grudged her so much for it that she wanted her to go through the same as she did, assisting Rance to find her. While Rance successfully managed to track Merci and almost captured her, he was stopped by the City Garrison led by Ruberan Tser, who defeated his group and forced Rance to run away, freeing Anasel as well in the process. Unfortunately for her, Rance will be able to find her again months later after he became King of Leazas and occupied several Helman territories, including her village. He then took her back with him to the Leazas Castle and placed her on his harem.


She made her first canonical appearance during the events of Rance IX, where she was living in a small village named Osiprox instead. During the events of the Helman Revolution that were taking place at the time, Rance and his group of outlaws of the Helman Revolutionary Army eventually visit her town when it was coincidentally under the attack of several Monsters, and the Helman Army was too busy on other parts of the country to intervene in such a small town. Rance offers to clear out the town and defeat all the creatures to save its villagers, but with the condition that they would allow him to have sex with the most beautiful girl on the village, which they reluctantly agree. After his group successfully defeated all the monsters, he was presented with Anasel, who was less than happy with the way her village agreed to sell her out. After he took her virginity and left, Anasel, unable to forgive the villagers at Osiprox for letting Rance rape her as payment for an extermination job, she decided to move to another town named Renyan Ponyan. Unfortunately for her, this town was soon after victim of a raid from a bandit group led by Elena Flower and, coincidentally, Rance and his group showed up once again during this time. He made the same request and, once again, she's handed in by her village and raped by Rance. She becomes horrified at the idea of Rance impregnating her, and her fear delights Rance, who torments her by joking about her possible pregnancy.

She has been confirmed to appear in Rance X, but her role is unknown.

Personality and Appearance[]


Befitting a woman that has been subject of praise for beauty, Anasel is a very attractive and alluring young girl greatly desired by many. She has large blue eyes, a long wavy hair that extends to her belly, and sports a high-class attire that showcases her status as part of the nobility, well-prepared for the harsh environment of Helman while also being refined and stylish.

She is aware of her prodigious appearance, which couple with her position as a high-class member of a society with prominent poverty has led her to develop as an extremely prideful person. She looks down on common peasants and heavily dislikes thieves and bandits for the troubles they cause. The sheltered upbringing, she has experienced has led her to become spoiled and rude, especially with commoners, and developing an overall nasty personality, being spiteful, and envious towards others. She takes particular pride of her own beauty, which leads her to great jealousy towards other beautiful women. In the non-canonical Kichikuou Rance, after being kidnapped and raped by Rance, she encourages Rance to also capture and rape Merci Archa, a rival from a nearby town. Anasel's animosity is solely fueled from Merci once beating her in a beauty contest. Despite her negative traits, she's not an all-around bad person, only discourteous and unpleasant, and her personality is an obvious result of her pampered raising.


As a mere civilian who has never received any combat training, Anasel is largely incapable of fending herself against Monsters or bandits, and like any regular citizen, heavily relies on the City Guard or hired mercenaries as a result. Her Level Cap is that of an average person, striking at 10, with 3 being her current Level.

While she has no notable Skill Levels, she's educated in playing a piano, as well as being a talented swimmer, suggesting that she's fairly well-fit.