Amiran Berkov
Japanese アミラン・バーコフ
Romanization amiran bākofu
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Civillian
World The Continent
Affiliation Helman, Lelyukov Berkov
Level limit 6
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance


Amiran Berkov is the only daughter of General of the 1st Army of Helman Lelyukov Berkov. In the canonical timeline, Amiran was married and began living with her husband in Helman.

Before the events of Rance IX she got in a serious argument with her father, insisting he retire from the military due to being in his sixties. He refused and the two became distant. It is unknown if she became aware of her father's death in the ensuing conflict.

In her non-canonical appearance in Kichikuou Rance, her fate depends upon the player's actions. Shortly after Helman is invaded by Rance and Leazas, Amiran is set to be married in the church her parents were long ago married in. Going against his orders, Lelyukov will stay behind with a small force to defend the city, giving his daughter enough time to finish her marriage ceremony, escaping with her husband immediately. Her marriage would be short-lived however, as her husband would perish in an upcoming battle performing his duty as a soldier. If Rance captured Lelyukov and released him, Amiran will happily live out her days with her father, who retired after the war between Helman and Leazas ended.

If Rance waits until after the ceremony, then captures Lelyukov and searches the city, he will discover that Amiran's husband has been killed in the fighting and will have the option to put her into his harem. With Amiran as a hostage, this will lead to events allowing the recruitment of Lelyukov.