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General info
  • Jaki (邪気) - aka "evil air" etc
  • Duendy (ドゥエンディ)
  • Ky (姫) - aka "Princess"

Ginnungagap (ギンヌンガガプ)[]

A magical sect worshipping evil gods. They worship Deirdre, the daughter of darkness, and hope to resurrect her through blood sacrifice. They believed she would be born out of darkness and devour women from the inside. So they kidnapped about 500 of them and bled them dry for the blood rituals. They did this because they thought whoever created Deirdre would be able to rule the world.
They were the ones who kidnapped the princess of the Saeruuna Kingdom and summoned Deirdre using her, setting all the events in motion.

Lid of the Kettle of Hell (地獄の釜の蓋)[]

The easiest way to describe this is as a gateway to hell, with the Kys being the lock. This is where jaki can be thrown into hell
The town the game takes place in is located on this lid and is exposed to more jaki and duendy because of it.

Perfect soul[]

This term describes a state of being for humans that is particularly attractive for any evil being.
People who have this are pure beings, examples are Katsuragi Karin and Shea.


This is a world of reincarnation, souls go back into the cycle when someone dies. There are exceptions to this, namely when one's soul gets eaten or when one sins so thoroughly they are branded a "great sinner". In the first case the soul is lost and in the last locked up in hell.

Angels and Demons[]

Angels and Demons in this world are not antagonistic towards each other and are in fact created by God for a similar purpose. Their tasks are to keep the world in balance in their own way.

They all despise the Duendy as they are not bound to do so and ar considered unnatural existences. They cannot do anything about it as they are too powerful and would cause collateral damage. This in turn would ruin the balance which they strive to keep.

Angels have a power which they can only use to protect others, a power only known by high ranking church officals. The only mentioned angel is the warrior Gabriel.
Demons are strong magic users and have the ability to take souls to hell. The strongest of them are the 4 grand dukes. Known demons are Astaroth, Beelzebub and Marchosias.

Natural and unnatural existence[]

Duendy are described with the term "reality of non-existence" (不実在の実在). In a way they are the negative to anything that exists. Their existence is more "false" than "evil". Their interest seems to be to destroy the world and reduce it to non-existence.

The rest of the known creatures are to be considered "true", namely the Angels of the Heavens, the Humans (and probably others creatures) of the Earth and the Demons of hell. All created by God and driven to keep balance as opposed to the duendy.