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Humans Edit

  • Shura (シュラ / 修羅) - main character
  • Sheea (シィア) - Princess of the Saerurna Kingdom
  • Shou Ky (笙姫) - An old lady who is the Ky
  • Ichijou Yura (一条由羅) - Shou Ky's great great great granddaughter
  • Arima Kouyou (有馬紅葉) - a father of the Catholic church
  • Lieutenant Ninomiya (二宮警部補) - a cop
  • Katsuragi Karin (桂木花梨) - Heroine, looks like Sheela.
  • Ninomiya Asako (二宮亜沙子) - Girl with short black hair. Karin's best friend
  • Urano Tetsuya (浦野哲矢) - freelance journalist

Duendy (ドゥエンディ) Edit

Female Edit

Male Edit

  • Gustav (グスタフ) - an almost spider-like Duendy, but with only 6 legs.
  • Abel (アベル) - a Duendy with lion-like mares and fin-like palms.
  • Cain (カイン) - Abel's brother, looks like Abel, but bigger.
  • Ancient Elders (古老人)
  • Fomoire (フォモレ) - a "water elemental" Duendy
  • Illusionist (イリュージェニスト)
  • Cerberus (ケルベロス) - a canine Duendy
  • Loki (ロキ) - a cowardly Duendy

Others Edit

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