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AmbivalenZ -二律背反-
Ambivalenz -Niritsu Haihan-
AmbivalenZ -二律背反-
(c)アリスソフト Box art
AmbivalenZ Cover
(c)アリスソフト DVD case art
Brand Alice Soft
Release date 1994/04/28
Genre / Rating ADV / 18+
Base price ¥6800
Voice none
AmbivalenZ - banner
General info


AmbivalenZ is an ADV game, but sets itself apart by being one of the more serious/darker titles. It is also the first title to be released on the then new System 3.

The writer of this game, Tori, goes into some detail in the Alice's mansion on how the game came to be.
Tori recalls working on the idea of this story when they were working on DALK, but pushed it aside as she felt it did not fit the general mood of an Alicesoft game and would be better of as a book. Around 1993 she took a break (from writing at least) and Imam filled that role instead. She didn't just laze about and instead she started to work this story out further.
When she came back she started work on a game (tentative name M.), but it didn't really work. TADA noticed the same and ultimately asked if she didn't have something more substantial. She mentioned the idea and TADA, whilst agreeing that it did not fit the company, said it was a great idea.

It has since become freeware and can be downloaded here.


Shura is a knight who has devoted his life to two things: his beloved princess and killing evil demon monsters called Duendy. The Duendy goddess, Deirdre, was pissed that her children were being defeated by this knight, so she sent in some monsters to go kill Shura's beloved. Shura goes in to try to save his princess, but it's too late. Her soul had been destroyed and she was never coming back.

Shura was heartbroken by this. He was also cursed to never age. he would forever have to live with the fact that his true love was dead and never coming back. All the while, Duendy torment him through the centuries and make his life into a living hell. Not wanting to fall into despair, Shura's heart fills with vengeance and promises to one day kill Dierdre and avenge his princess' death.

In modern day Japan, Shura is off hunting Duendy when he comes across a girl that looks just like his princess. Interestingly enough, she's also very skilled with magic and has wings. She isn't the princess though, as much as Shura wants to believe otherwise.


The game was designed to be a relatively easy ADV game so you can enjoy the story, so your options tend to be limited and fairly well railroaded.

Battles are more storylike as well. They focus more on countering enemies' abilities either in or outside of battle. There are no clear HP bars or damage indicators either.


Team: 妃乃車
Project 1: 1993/7-1994/4
From the original story 二律背反Ⅱ (Antinomy II)

桜音 梨花​ (An alias of Tori)

Character design and original drawings
Mutsumi Masato

Visual CG coloring
YOK, K and Pukapi

Original drawing shading

Background CGs
Nakajii and Yas

Map CG
Nakajii and Kuribayashi

Male Duendy design and CG

Shige, PLUM'F


CG Line correction
Akino Kōrogi, Bassun, Kirishima Sen'ya, 三重紙, Chimiroimu and 醍拉祇

Helpers from other projects
Hanny King, YUKIMI, Chibo, Gencha, WAO

Moomin and everyone else.

Special thanks
Yoshitaka, OKA, Fuu-chan, Musha, Maeda-san, MAKI, Purin, Imam, D.M.=Aleph