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Leave the construction to us!

—The Amazusa Group's slogan.


The Amazusa Group (アマズサ組, amazusa gumi) is a construction company based within the Free Cities Alliance.

Composed of 511 members, the Amazusa Group is a large organization that does business throughout the mainland of The Continent. It handles all forms of construction, including building houses, forts, and castles, paving roads, and reclaiming land, and can also be hired to perform combat-oriented work such as bodyguarding and dungeon exploration, essentially allowing it to secondarily function as an adventuring guild. The group prides itself for its fast and efficient work ethic, and is known for having bright, sociable employees. At the same time, however, it is also infamous for its illegitimate business practices and criminal ties, with nearly everything it builds cutting several corners in order to be finished as quickly and cheaply as possible. In essence, the Amazusa Group prioritizes making money over all else, and is willing to disregard such things as quality and principles in order to amass as much of it as it can.

In the year LP0004, the Magic Kingdom of Zeth was pushed to the brink of collapse by a sudden invasion from the Monster Realm while the Helman Empire was ravaged by a virulent disease known as the black death, significantly limiting business opportunities in both. To compensate for the narrowed job market, the Amazusa Group began hunting Kalar professionally, making routine trips through the Crystal Forest into Kalar Village to kidnap members of the species and harvest their forehead crystals to sell on the black market. Kalar crystals sell for a premium due to their potent magical properties, allowing the Amazusa Group to continue raking in a tidy profit even without the patronage of Zeth and Helman.

During the events of Rance Quest, the Amazusa Group was commissioned by the mysterious merchant Pluepet to construct a castle for the warrior Rance in a vacant lot in the Free City of CITY. While the group was able to successfully trick Rance into doubling the castle's already enormous cost by persuading him into installing numerous frivolous additions, the construction process was carefully overseen by the multi-millionaire business tycoon Copandon Dott, who forced it be to redo each of its attempts at cutting corners to finish more quickly. Miraculously, construction on the castle, entitled Rance Castle by its owner, managed to finish within its promised one week deadline and become the new place of residence for Rance and several of his companions. Sometime later, the Amazusa Group was commissioned by Am Isuel, leader of the mysterious organization Shepherds, to build an enormous construct known as the Tower of Babel on the land neighboring Rance Castle for use in her plan to spread despair across the Continent. Both of these buildings would go on to play crucial parts in securing Humanity's victory over the Monster Realm during the 2nd Dark Lord War in LP0007, making their creation of tremendous importance to the history of the Continent.

Around the time construction of Rance Castle began, Shacho Amazusa, president of the Amazusa Group, was Cursed by the kalar queen Pastel Kalar during a failed raid on her village. The curse forced Amazusa to consume GOLD for sustenance, requiring him to eat increasingly greater and higher quality amounts of it over time. Amazusa was steadily driven to madness as his curse caused him to eat through all of his company's profits, eventually pushing him into abandoning his employees altogether in a frenzied pursuit of Pastel's life in the hope that doing so would free him from its effects. He was defeated before being able to carry out his revenge, leaving his company without a leader and its future steeped in uncertainty.

Notable Members[]


  • Every member of the Amazusa group is modeled after a robot from the vintage mecha series Tetsujin 28-go, with Amazusa himself resembling the eponymous machine, and the section manager and low-ranking employees resembling its prototype models Tetsujin 27 and Tetsujin 26, respectively. The two different color variants of the low-ranking employees additionally reference the two colors that the series' original toyline's Tetsujin 26 figure came in.