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Japanese アルビルダ
Romanization Arubiruda
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation The Nordic Union


Command points: 330

Recruitment: A few turns after she's introduced, she'll randomly attack one of your territories (Usually one of the Chun Empire's

territories). Annihilate the entire enemy force (if there's even one survivor, she won't be captured and attack again later) capture her. If you fail to capture her, she'll attack at a later time again (just like undefeated natural disasters do). After capturing her, talk to her twice to recruit.

Skill: Tyrant: When stationed in a region, restores no public order. Negates other public order effects.

Stats Growth: 4%

Laser +40% "Fixed slot for Pirate Ship Alwilda" HP: 240, Radar: 45, Laser: 300, CP: 180
Laser +20%
Missile +20%
Cannon +20%
  • Fairly powerful admiral with 3 types of bonuses but with 150 points left to spend on them, utilizing the bonuses from all 3 slots will be difficult.
  • Try not to use her for frontline defense at a newly conquered territory until it has its public peace levels fully recovered.
  • Her skill prevents recovery of peace levels, but doesn't decrease it, meaning it's safe to station her at fully peaceful territories.


Possibly inspired from Alwilda, the daughter of the Geatish king Synardus, later became the legendary Viking pirate.

Ranked third, with 4828 votes, in Alicesoft's female popularity poll.