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General Information

All dates are relative to the time of AliveZ

Warning: Some parts of the timeline may be major spoilers!

  • ~170 Years Ago
  • ~150 Years Ago
    • Agents of the Shinza clan discovered the albino man wielding the Negative Kusanagi.
  • 20 Years Ago
  • 18 Years Ago
    • Kai and Ibara rescued Dolly from Shinza scientists.
    • Kai started seriously practicing kendou. (Fuyou 24 years old, Kai less than 12 years old)
  • 17 Years Ago
  • 16 Years Ago
    • Fuyou sent to The Town to monitor the activities of Shura. Suzumoto Mone went with Fuyou as head of servants. Kai and Dolly stowed on board and smuggled themselves over.
    • Fuyou met Sonya
    • Rondo came to Japan to work for the Shinza clan
  • 15 Years Ago
    • The Crystal Palace appeared on 1994 December 23th, and disappeared the next day.
    • Fuyou, Mone, Zukutetsu, and Licorice turned into Yn
    • Kai began studying spellcraft from Sonya
  • 14 Years Ago
    • Sonya became Yn, Rondo became Yoh.'
    • Fuyou referred Ibara to Rondo for the Homunculus research.
  • 13 Years Ago
    • Kai got kidnapped back to the Shinza island. Ibara confessed her feelings for Kai.
    • Ibara became the Uchi Ky, entered hibernation. Rondo became in charge of the hibernation system.
    • Sonya began searching for the Book of Raziel
  • 11 Years Ago
    • The "Punisher" Incident. Kai started fighting Yn.
    • Nanbara Zuichou caught Kai and Dolly trying to steal weapons. Dolly became test case for Blut-Rose. Kai and Dolly start living at Nanbara's.
  • 8 Years Ago
    • Yuzuki's mother, Tonoko, passed away
  • 7 Years Ago
    • Ibara's soul became synchronized with Kusanagi Ou
  • 3 Years Ago
    • Sonya found the Book of Raziel, and hid it in her womb.
  • Present Time
    • Kai's body starting to become overloaded with jaki again.
    • Katsuragi Kira received cellphone from her grandpa, signifying the beginning of her independence.
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