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Japanese アリシア
Romanization arishia
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Healer
World The Continent
Affiliation Free Cities Alliance
Level limit 47
Skill levels Magic Lv1 (?), Divine Magic Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance IV



Alicia is a priestess from Toushin City born on the floating island of Ylapu. She's the younger twin sister of Cynthia, and the two were part of the small Younashi Church that formed on the Toushin Toshi. Alicia was nowhere near as devoted as Cynthia was to the God Younashi and her sister considered her a delinquent. The two don't get along well but they still seem to hold some affection for the other.

She was first mentioned in Rance IV when her sister Cynthia asked Rance to rescue her after she disappeared, although Rance noted her lack of enthusiasm, as if she didn't really care if he found Alicia. Alicia had been caught by the leader of the Helman Platoon Bitch Golch to use her high magical abilities as an energy source while exploring the Toushin Toshi. She was eventually rescued by Rance. Ironically, when Rance came back with Alicia safely, he found out that Cynthia had been captured by Toushin Upsilon to serve as an energy source as well. Alicia replaced her sister in the Younashi Church and made a similar request of Rance to rescue Cynthia.

Being a complete opposite to her chaste sister, Alicia was curious and interested in sex.

Alicia's personality is wildly different to that of her diligent sister. She's irresponsible, curious, adventurous and doesn't really care about the Younashi Church she and her sister belong to all that much. In contrast to her puritanical and narrow-minded sister, she's open and inquisitive about many things. She was also curious about sex and requested to sleep with Rance as thanks for saving her.

After the fall of the floating island of Ylapu at the end of Rance IV, Alicia successfully survived along with her sister and have been living in the newly founded Toushin City in the Free Cities Alliance ever since.