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Any user is free to upload pictures to articles or galleries as they see fit, however, there are certain rules that all users must follow. Images that don't fit the following rules will be deleted and, if an user insists in the upload of certain pictures that are not allowed, it might result in a ban so please restrain yourself from re-uploading an image if an Admin specifically deleted it already.

Uploading Images

  • If possible, all images uploaded should be in .png or at least .jpg format to ensure the best quality possible.
  • Uploaded pictures should have descriptive names about the character, place, etc that the image focuses on. Please avoid posting pictures with names like "f542084fe612ca421a38c6a3".
    • Try to avoid the original names of images extracted with ALDExplorer like "CG0014" as well.
    • Images must have a suitable title to make searching for them easier for other users.
  • Direct screenshots of the games are not allowed in the wiki.
  • As this is an encyclopedia of an eroge company, lewd pictures are allowed but with certain restrictions placed by Wikia itself:
    • Explicit pornographic content may only be posted if the genitals are properly censored before-hand, and only as long as the image itself isn't too over the top.
    • Erotic pictures are allowed as long as the private parts are not seen.
      • Female nipples should also be censored.
        • All these apply to comment sections and user's pages as well.
  • Fan Arts or Doushinjis are not allowed for the time being, only material from the games or posted by Alicesoft in their blog.
    • Certain images from the official Alicesoft artists that were uploaded on their personal accounts like Twitter are allowed however, as long is it is related to an Alicesoft product and not just a personal work of the author.
  • Duplicated images on the same page will be deleted, so make sure to check what's been uploaded.
    • Also, check if a picture you post had already been uploaded by someone else by Searching for it before-hand to avoid uploading the same image twice.
  • All Images should be related to Alicesoft in some way, and works from other sources will be deleted unless it's a special permission issued by the Admins.