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Alicesoft ♡ Special ~ Kumiko · Sill · Maiko's Love Panic is a drama CD published by DATAM Polystar and released in 1992. Tracks 3, 5, 8 and 9 are actually songs sung by the characters and the other tracks are for the drama. This is most likely the first voiced appearance of all the characters represented in this work.

The Japanese credits are available in the gallery and are also translated below.


No. Title Length
01 Opening 5:08
02 Rance and Sill - Days of Conflict 7:00
03 Sill's Whispers 4:05
04 Maiko's Jr. High School Diary 7:07
05 Spilling Over 3:40
06 A Discussion of Life with a Corrupt Soldier 9:27
07 My Beloved - Kumiko's Characteristics 5:47
08 Pampering the Young Girl 5:20
09 Please, Baby 5:13
10 Ending 1:14

No. Title Length
01 オープニング 5:08
02 ランスとシィル・闘いの日々 7:00
03 シィルの囁き 4:05
04 舞子の中学生日記 7:07
05 こ・ぼ・れ・る 3:40
06 人生相談with悪徳戦士 9:27
07 愛しいあなた~クミコの独白 5:47
08 少女をこえて 5:20
09 おねがいベイビー 5:13
10 エンディング 1:14



Kumiko: Naoko Nakamura
Sill Plain: Mariko Kouda
Maiko Kato: Kimie Hantani
Alice: Aoba Miyoko
Rance: Masaya Onosaka
NA/Sensei: Ryōichi Tanaka
Tutor: Kobayashi Toshio
Yukichi: Tomoko Naka


Producer: Yukio Kakei
Assistant producer: Ryu Okada
Promoter: Akiko Tomikawa
Production desk: Ayako Asawa
Script: Hiroshi Amagi
Illustrations: Urata Takahiro
Jacket design: Parsley Promotion

Music staff[]

Director: Hiroaki Sei (Nyx Intl'l)
Engineer: Nobuo Hattori (Nyx Intl'l)
Keyboard: Yuzo Hayashi
Manipulator: Yukiyoshi Fujimoto

Drama staff[]

Director: Takahiro Komatsu
Effect: Teruyoshi Sudō (Suwarapuro)
Production cooperation: Ao ni Kikaku

Track 3
Lyrics: AZUSA
Composition: Miho Izawa
Arrangement: Yuzo Hayashi
Vocals: Sill (Mariko Kouda)

Track 5
Lyrics: Kazuko Sakata
Composition: Kyoko Matsumiya
Arrangement: Yuzo Hayashi
Vocals: Maiko (Kimie Hantani)

Track 8
Lyrics: Saya Yamashita
Supplementary work: Sayuri Tsutazawa
Composition: Kyoko Matsumiya
Arrangement: Yuzo Hayashi
Vocals: Kumiko (Naoko Nakamura)

Track 9
Lyrics: Kazuko Sakata
Composition: Hiroaki Sei
Arrangement: Yuzo Hayashi
Vocals: Kumiko, Sill and Maiko