Tenmabachi Alice
Japanese 天満橋ありす
Romanization tenmabachi arisu
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Idol
World The Continent
Affiliation Free Cities Alliance
Appeared in Rance 03


An Alice wallpaper.

Alice Tenmabachi is a very popular idol from the city of The-O from the Free Cities Alliance. She's a beautiful young woman with a cheerful attitude, skilled at singing and dancing. Her popularity is so big that it only it stretches through the free cities, but she's also well known in Leazas. Merchandising of her is very prominent, and posters promoting her are a common occurrence as well.

Rance seems to like her, since he has an Alice wallpaper in his house, and the General of the Black Army of Leazas, Barres Province, also claimed to be an Alice fan as well.

During the Helman occupation of the city of The-O in the events of Rance 03, the third army was set in the city, and Alice's employer offered her body to the general of the third army, Thoma Lipton. The general however rejected the proposal completely.

In the epilogue, Alice is seen singing to a crowd and gets a fan letter from Kapala Lodz.


  • In the Rance 03 Popularity Poll she was ranked as high as 6th among female characters, despite her minor role in the game.
  • This is the first time that the company's mascot character becomes a real in-universe character.
    • Technically speaking though, she is not the same character as Alice.
    • Also not to be confused with the main goddess of the AL Church ALICE.