Alice Soft

Alice Soft (also known as AliceSoft) was established in 1989, as an eroge publisher for the computer market, first for the PC-88 and PC-98, and later for PCs running Microsoft Windows platforms. Its first titles were Rance and Intruder, released simultaneously in July 1989. It has continued to release several titles each year, though not always exclusively adult-oriented.

The company's official mascot is Alice-chan, as well as the Hanny.

It is a brand name owned by Champion Soft Co., Ltd. (株式会社チャンピオンソフト).


NB: seems that alicesoft has closed its site for those outside japan.


  • To improve search engine results, TADA added the following text to the Alice Soft website entry page:
当社は、エロゲー・アダルトゲーム・18禁ゲーム などを作っているパソコンソフト開発会社です。
  • AliceSoft owns their own office building, officially named ハニービル ("Hanny Building")
<googlemap lat="34.695403" lon="135.515834" zoom="21" controls="large" type="type" layer="c">

34.695463,135.515754,The Hanny Building (see street view)