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Alice Prizm is a series of doujin music albums with arranged versions of Alice Soft tracks. This is the sixth and final album in the series. It was released at Comic Market (Comiket) 68. There are 5 other albums in the series (1-5). The last page of the booklet mentions an Alice Prizm 7, but so far it never got released.

It was published by 5/4TAKEPOD. The credits can be found in the gallery down below with a basic credits listing in the article.


No. Title Game Length
01 Go ahead! -the endless gate of time- Pastel Chime Continue 4:01
02 Disabution -highbred outstrike- Only You - Re Cross - 2:55
03 Level God (レベル神) -look out to the East- Rance VI: The Collapse of Zeth 3:23
04 The theme of mamatoto -armadillo from mebius- Mamatoto 3:09
05 Square of the Moon -Henderopa- (-へんでろぱ-) Yoru ga Kuru! 2:28
06 Battle Theme -type seven- Type Zero 3:12
07 Fanatics -moving right with three- Suzumiya Prisontitution 3:20
08 Running to the straight -Uhaan- (-うはあん-) Mamatoto 4:02
09 Prince Of Darkness -toadstool fugue- Rance III: The Fall of Leazas 2:56
10 Luring to insanity -successor of the time- Atlach-Nacha 3:15
11 The enemy is Shibaku -Uroron-
(敵は、しばく -うろろーん-)
Daiakuji 2:24
12 Terrible beat -again to the drawing board- Big Bang Age 3:15
13 Opening Theme -gateway to the antimony- AmbivalenZ 3:04
14 Alice's Theme -TAKEPOD pets- Kichikuou Rance 3:14
15 我が栄光 (My Glorious Days) -Out fest toung den- Rance Series 1:25


All music originally composed by: Alice Soft

Arranged by:
Takepon Maki: tracks 1-4, 6-7, 9-10 and 12-15
YS (FragileOnline): tracks 5, 8 and 11.