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Alice Prizm is a series of doujin music albums with arranged versions of Alice Soft tracks. This is the third album in the series. It was released at Comic Revolution 35. There are 5 other albums in the series (1-2 and 4-6) with the last release in 2005.

It was published by 5/4TAKEPOD. The credits are listed in the images with a basic one below.


No. Title Game Length
01 Holly Frame -color of a dead moth- Big Bang Age 3:10
02 Scal Serpent -new age of apparatus- Big Bang Age 3:21
03 Weeping Cause -the red wing inside us- Atlach-Nacha 3:14
04 Red tint -the grapes of wrath- Atlach-Nacha 3:03
05 Influence -NEXT- Kichikuou Rance 2:51
06 The blue moon -but little purple- Yoru ga Kuru! 3:10
07 Ganbare aku Tsukasa (がんばれ悪司) -smash the pluck Daiakuji 2:59
08 World -milk in the core- Atlach-Nacha 3:34
09 The 3rd stage -useless and hopeless- Type Zero 2:51
10 Rakuen no Musō (楽園の夢想) -thanks for the knell- Les Chairs Cruelles 3:06
11 Ontology -anonymous fingers- Kichikuou Rance 3:18
12 One feather -ARUKU- Only You - Re Cross - 3:57
13 Gokokuin -delicate position of power- Big Bang Age 3:33
14 Moon Walk -other side of the water- Rance 5D 3:09
15 Diving into the dungeon -never yourself- Pastel Chime Continue 3:05
16 Alice's theme -TAKEPOD subliminal- Alice Soft (various) 3:06


All music originally composed by: Alice Soft)
Music arranged by:
Takepon Maki (1-4, 6-11 and 13-16)
55Boze (5 and 12)