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Alice à La Mode is an early arranged music CD published by NEC Avenue and distributed by Nippon Columbia.

It is notable for being the first third party Alicesoft music album, but it isn't the first third party audio cd. That honour goes to Alicesoft ♡ Special ~ Kumiko · Sill · Maiko's Love Panic which is a 3rd party vocal drama released barely a month earlier.

It was sold in stores and came in just a jewelcase with inlets and also included a 2 page pamphlet with some text, a tracklist and a credits list, which can be found in the gallery below.


No. Title Game name Length
01 Alice's Tea Party Various (Alice's Theme) 2:01
02 Electric Dance D.P.S. Series 4:32
03 Dangerous Tengu Legend Dangerous Tengu Legend 5:00
04 Crescent Moon Girl Crescent Moon Girl 3:54
05 Intruder Intruder 5:08
06 Setting Off on a New Journey Toushin Toshi 5:04
07 The Quest for Hikari Rance I 4:13
08 Sill Plain Rance I 4:55
09 Treasonous Women Rance II 4:00
10 Toushin Toshi Toushin Toshi 4:21
11 The Four Magicians Rance II 3:13
12 Helman War ~ The Fall of Leazas Rance III Medley 6:49

No. Title Game name Length
01 アリスのお茶会 Various (アリスのテーマ) 2:01
02 エレクトリックダンス D.P.S.シリーズ 4:32
03 あぶないてんぐ伝説 あぶない天狗伝説 5:00
04 クレセントムーンがぁる クレセントムーンがぁる 3:54
05 イントリューダー イントリューダー 5:08
06 新たなる旅立ち 闘神都市 5:04
07 光を求めて ランス 4:13
08 シィル・プライン ランス 4:55
09 反逆の少女達 ランス2 4:00
10 闘神都市 闘神都市 4:21
11 4人の魔法使い ランス2 3:13
12 ヘルマン軍~リーザス陥落 ランス3よりメドレー 6:49