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  • AliceSoft official Home Page - No explanation needed. However note that unless yours is a Japanese IP, it can't be visited. You can use a Japanese proxy if it's yet to be recognized as a proxy by AliceSoft (and subsequently banned).


  • Mangagamer - official page of the ones responsible for bringing Alicesoft games to the west.
  • Booru- image booru containing a lot of fan art and official art gathered by members of the english community.

Wikis for other eroge or bishoujo games

General gaming

  • Wikia's Gaming category - Other wikias that are about gaming.
  • GameInfo - They are working to contain information on every game ever created, especially computer games, but not excluding other genres such as board games, card games, and even sports.
  • The Encyclopedia Gamia - General computer/video gaming wiki.
  • StrategyWiki - General computer/video gaming guide wiki.
  • GameFAQs - Many guides on computer/video games.
  • HongFire - A forum with a vibrant Hentai game discussion forum.



  • Mou Yamete! - an English blog with a category on eroge!