In case where this policy and Wikia policy disagree with each other, the stricter policy applies.

Use of Image from Alice Soft games Edit

AliceSoftWiki has made a request, and has been rejected by Alice Soft, to directly use screenshots from their game.

Alice Soft only allows images taken directly from the Alice Soft official website to be used for AliceSoftWiki (including screenshots from their game that are on their official website). If a player takes a screenshot of the game, or if a screenshot is found online but not from the Alice Soft official website, then those image may not be used on this wiki.

Additionally, images from the official website but in user-submission gallery, in password-protected pages, or of products not made by Alice Soft, also may not be used.

Alice Soft only allows the following types of edits to images taken from their website:

  1. Scaling (up or down)
  2. Turning blank areas of the image transparent.
  3. Adding copyright notice.

Every page that use the images must have "(c)アリスソフト" ("Copyright Alice Soft") noted.

  • For original source of Alice Soft image policy, see [1] (Japanese).
  • For email correspondence between an AliceSoftWiki admin and an Alice Soft staff regarding use of images, see User:Afker/ImageUseEmail.

Ways around the policy Edit

  • You may draw your own pictures that closely resemble the in-game interface, as long as it is clear that it's not an actual screen shot. For example, the Rance 5 Camp mode screen: Rance 5-Camp Screen

The Rance 5 Title screen: Rance 5-Title

Portrait of Rance for Rance 5: Rance 5-Rance face

  • A tip for drawing these images, is to use photoshop to open an actual screenshot, add a layer on top of it, and draw on the new layer. When you are done drawing, hide the original screenshot layer and save the image as PNG.