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Alice's Cottage 2
Arisu no Yakata 2
Alice's Cottage 2
(c)アリスソフト Box art
Brand Alice Soft
Release date 1992/07/15
Genre / Rating variety / 18+
Base price ¥4800 (out of print)"(outofprint)" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 4800.
Voice No
 Alice's Cottage II 
Alice's Cottage 2 - banner
Alice's Cottage 2
Naguri Makuri Tower
Policewoman DA
Okayu Fever's Counterattack

Like other titles in this series, Alice's Cottage 2 is a compilation of smaller games and some extras.

The games included in this releases are Naguri Makuri Tower, Policewoman DA, Okayu Fever's Counterattack, and Alice Quiz. The FM-TOWNS CD version also included a seperate re-release of Dangerous Tengu Legend and a few extras.

The options in the main menu are:

  • Notice board, detailing some info.
  • The 4 games in the above order
  • Alice's History, which shows a bunch of previously released game's CGs and release dates.
  • The BGMBOX, which allows for playback of various music from Rance 1-3, D.P.S (SG Set 1-3), Alice's Cottage and the other games option which includes Intruder, Crescent Moon Girl, Dangerous Tengu Legend, Toushin Toshi and Dr. STOP!.
  • News from the development room.
  • Stuff from ALICE-NET.
  • CG-MODE, which contains most CGs from the bonus games (not all).

Alice Quiz[]

A short quiz game where Rance must answer 10 questions and get a CG as reward.
You get a choice for what type of subject it'll be about and questions are then taken randomly from that pool which means it can repeat questions. You can't repeat a subject.
The characters that appear are Tess (Antique House), Kentou Kanami (Rance Series), Shizuka Masou (Rance Series), Kumiko (Toushin Toshi) and Sill Plain (Rance Series).
The questions were taken from ALICE-NET and the CGs were handled by YUKIMI, KAORI and MIN-NARAKEN.