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Alfra Ray
Japanese アルフラ・レイ
Romanization arufura rei
Race Human
Age / Birth 9 / GI1012
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 70 Cm
Status Alive
Class Orphan
World The Continent
Affiliation Kimchi Drive, Ice Flame, Zeth
Level limit 25
Skill levels ??? (?)
Appeared in Rance VI



Alfra Ray was a girl protected by the Revolutionary Group of the Magic Kingdom of Zeth, Ice Flame, in the orphanage ran by Kimchi Drive. She was usually accompanied by Karma Atranger or Kimchi herself, being a very timid and easily frightened little girl. 

During the events of Rance VI, she was 7 years old, being among the youngest of the orphan children of the group. She was noted for the bandages covering her right eye and her clear apprehension towards men, to the point she couldn't stand being close to one, and initially showed great fear towards Rance.

It was later revealed that Alfra's anxious demeanor was well justified. Prior to living under the protection of Ice Flame in Kimchi's Orphanage, Alfra used to live in the sinister Lolita House, a child prostitution center ran by the heartless Miss Minchim. In said inhuman institution, Alfra was sexually abused by the customers, as well as experiencing terrific abuse that went as far as making her lose her right eye. The traumatic time she spent in this center resulted in her faint-hearted and nervous personality, and trusts only a few people around her such as Kimchi and Karma, who acted like Mother and Elder Sister figures to Alfra.

Later on, Rance found out about Alfra's history from Kimchi. Mad with rage, Rance fought and killed the owner of the place, rescued the kids and burned the whole facility forever, taking them back with him to Ice Flame's orphanage. Rance took the gem Miss Minchim was wearing and showed it to a trembling Alfra, who recognized the artifact on the spot, and he proceeded to violently smash the gem, and telling her that Miss Minchim was dead and that there's nothing to be afraid of anymore. After the incident was over, Alfra was able to gradually overcome her emotional wounds a bit, at least with Rance, with who she opened herself to and started feeling more comfortable with. 

According to Orion, she became the head of an orphanage.