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Albina Weiss
Japanese アルビナ・ヴァイス
Romanization Arubina Vaisu
Funny Bee AlbinaWeiss
Race Alien
Sex Hermaprohodite?
Status Dead
World Funny Bee
Affiliation Space Pirates
Appeared in Space Thief Funny Bee


Albina Weiss is the current leader of the Space Pirates. They are two distinct beings in one form, one male and another female. It seems they were the ones who disposed of the old leader and took the role.

Their personalities are similarly split. Weiss (male) is more calm and collected, preferring to focus on their goal of collecting certain treasures. Albina (female) is the more cruel and "piratelike". Her goal is obviously the same as Weiss', but she doesn't seem to take a huge interest in handling it.

Their split personalities and bodies does not seem to impact their abilities much as they are still very strong fighters who seem of a similar mind despite their distinct personalities. Weiss uses his gravitron waves and his hook in battle and Albina uses elctric spark and focuses on recovery of the both of them.

Spoiler Warning: The following section contains spoilers.

It is revealed that they are part of a different ancient alien race which peacefully co-existed with the La・Eli・Mood (ラ・エリ・ムード), the Balto Luga (バルト・ルーガ). They found an stone tablet with the secret to a godlike power and the two started to fight each other until they destroyed each other without much of a trace.

They are the sole survivors and their goal is to use the Stone Tablet (symbol of karma), Rabbit Pillow (symbol of sleep), Cup Noodles (symbol of appetite) and the Holy Bloomer (symbol of lust) to complete the ritual.

Through the game they try and get these items, but are somehow beaten to them by Funny Bee at every turn. This does not bother them too much as they easily capture them and take the items. Funny Bee escapes but is easily dispatched twice. During the second encounter Sati uses her tiny ability to disrupt the ritual, this turns them into an incomplete monstrous shape which is still powerful. Sati and Shiori decide to remove the limiters of their Bunnytectors and wipe Albina Weiss out which also causes the self-destruction of the Death Shadow.

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