Akiyama Keiichirou
Japanese 秋山 敬一郎
Romanization akiyama keiichirō
Race Human
Sex Male
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Empire of Japan

Akiyama Keiichirou is Tougou Tsuyoshi's advisor and close friend. Keiichirou follows Tsuyoshi's actions very closely to insure that he makes appointments on time and follows standards expected of someone taking on the role of Navy Minister. Keiichirou handles many technical and intelligence based tasks within the navy.

As Tougou Tsuyoshi's close friend, Akiyama Keiichirou also takes care of Tsuyoshi's daughter Tougou Maki from time to time.

Keiichirou has never had much luck with women, but wishes deeply to meet Mikado, Japan's Empress.

Voice Actor : Kazami Ken


  • Akiyama Keiichirou is likely a parody of Akiyama Teruo, a vice admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy during the events of World War II. (or Akiyama Saneyuki. For several reasons: same era as Tougou, Intellect, Illness.)
  • Akiyama Keiichirou shares a very similar character design to Kuga Kyouichirou, a character from the AliceSoft game Daibanchou. Keiichirou's role in Daiteikoku is also similar to Kyouichirou's in that he is best friends with the protagonist of the game he is a part of.