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Adventurers is the designation of a wide variety of individuals who, instead of having any specific employment, will take up a wide variety of mercenary work all over the Continent. Though the nature of the missions can wildly vary, going from searching for missing persons to protecting their employers or defeating Monsters,  adventurers are typically hired in order to perform missions outside of human settlements where it would be too dangerous for regular human civilians to venture into due to Monsters, Thieves or whatever danger they may encounter. Because of this, adventurers are expected to have at least a decent fighting ability, and being strong is one of the most important traits any adventurer can possess, though their prowess and skill varies a lot. Sometimes parties might be formed when a group of adventurers decide to work together, either to complete a particular quest or as long-lasting teams, though they tend to be fairly small groups.

While most of them are warriors, some Mages, both offensive and Divine, are also known to have taken this particular lifestyle. Those using Divine Magic are particularly useful in adventuring groups and are very well-regarded, as their healing abilities can often be the only thing keeping a group alive, as it is a very dangerous profession where deaths are expected to take place regularly, and adventurers venture into places knowing it could very well be their last quest. In more recent years however the mortality rate of adventurers has severely lowered thanks to the miraculous invention of the Happiness Pharmaceutical company, a healing drug known as Seirogan that can emulate the effect of a healing spell and recover the wounds of those that ingest it. This product has allowed adventurers to venture on dungeons for longer periods of times, as well as granting them a much higher chance of survival without having to depend on having a mage as a party member.


Though they are barely associated with each other, as they are spread across the continent on different errands, there exists Adventurer Guilds which provides them with different information on current events and possible jobs, one of the most notable on the Free Cities Alliance being the Keith Guild. Located in the large metropolis CITY (formerly in Ice), the guild employs dozens of adventurers who are given different tasks of variable legality. Many others however are not affiliated with any guild or aren't even looking for riches, and instead act as wandering heroes with their own self-ordained quest.

The reasons for becoming an adventurer are as varied as humans themselves. Some aren't skilled at anything besides fighting and see it as the only way they can live their life, others are fighting maniacs that aren't interested in the money and do it for the mere thrill of it. Some adventurers tend towards heroism, only taking up causes they believe in, while others only take up the lifestyle for the money as adventuring may be risky, but can lead to substantial rewards in a short amount of time.

Though adventurers are a class of individuals, there also exists an Adventure skill level which gives them a great proficiency in accomplishing their missions. Those with this skill are particularly well suited to the hectic life of adventure, having a talent for finding clues relevant to their objective and quickly going from place to place, as well as granting them an impressive instinct to survive in the wild.


Adventurers also exist in the World of Eve, where they are organized by an Adventurer's Guild. Most Adventurers are Soldiers, as they may come into combat with Outlaws, but must also be free of an other obligations like the duties of a knight.

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