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Eve and Adan, as illustrated by Towa.

, also known as the Archfiend Adan, is considered the ur-evil in the mythology of the World of Eve. The creator of monsters, Adan appears to features only in the latter pages of the Evenicle.

In reality, Adan's history is far more complicated. He is actually the being the Evenicle calls the First Ancestor, the first human man, created by Eve's divine magic. Like Eve, Adan shows signs of a few generally superhuman traits, namely longevity and his ability to survive later incidents in his history, but he is otherwise believed to have been created as a regular human being in most respects. At some point after his creation, Eve seems to have fallen in love with Adan, and locked him away in what would be known as Ancestor's Tower while she sorted out her feelings. He escaped, and confronted her at what would be known as Bride's Tower, where Eve changed her mind and the two were married. Later, Eve became pregnant, and the two had children at Humanity's Tower.

Humanity turned to war, and in an effort to stave off their dangerous desires, Adan offered to take them into his body through the process of prayer. This arrangement held for some time, but Adan became bloated with desires, becoming a giant the size of a country. His outlook also changed, coming to believe that the destructive impulses he was taking in were necessary for human development as a society. It is unknown when he was first given or adopted the title of "Archfiend," but the author of the Evenicle assigned it to him around the time he finally became overcome by desire and burst, sundering the world of Eve and leaving Adan's remains in each part. The desire that had once been held in his body was then rained down on the shattered worlds as monsters.

After DeathEdit

In the years that followed, first degree knowledge of Adan's life died out. With the Evenicle only partially translated, Adan became seen as an evil god unrelated to the First Ancestor, and the monsters as a sort of deliberate curse.

During Aster's day, Prince Felton of Central attempted to use Adan's powers, still held within his Right Arm, to become an Archfiend in his own right. While he was defeated by Aster and his family, the remaining desire in the arm congealed into a amalgam monster that nearly overcame them. When the monster was defeated, the Right Arm collapsed. After their vicotry, Aster and his family met with QD of the dragons and agreed to explore the other fragmented wolrds of Eve, to track down the remaining pieces of Adan.
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