Abert joins you early on in the Slave Prison arc, but leaves you upon joining the resistance. Apparently is the son of Daniel Safety. A mysterious guy who is very polite and somehow always gets the job done. After joining the resistance he'll leave your party and only rejoin you on two occassions later on for short periods of time and finally will leave for good (much before endgame).

He's not someone you'll want to grind except in the 1st arc (where you'd need him, given the shortage of manpower) as he's not a permanent character. You'll permanently lose anything equipped to him when he leaves for the final time.

Upgrade Priorities:

  • Upgrading his armor at Pluepet's shop gives him excellent defenses (especially against magic) even without doing any boosts on them. Also has decent dodge rate.



Basic Attack


Abert's basic attack. It doesn't require any turn charging, so it's completely spammable.

It deals physical damage and has melee range.

Full-Power Attack


Abert's stronger attack.

It requires 1 turn of charging and seems to deal variable damage, between 150% - 250% of the regular attack.

Weapons and Items[]

Recommended Items[]

  • Quality Ocarina - You should be having a load of them, if you want to make him the least bit useful level him up fast until he reaches his cap. That way at least he'd make a good filler along with the likes of Bernard when carrying through generic enemies, given his nice defenses and average dodge rate.
  • Light Pendant - To reduce weakness against light.
  • Short Match - His magic defense is second to only Rizna when upgraded to at least B-class. This will help him tank magic further against Zeth mages and other magic heavy enemies you'll find in the towers.