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Due to the adult nature of most of Alice Soft games, common internet retailers such as will refuse to ship them outside Japan. The following are some options for you to help support Alice Soft:

Erogeshop / Himeya (姫屋)Edit

  • Website: (seems to be down as of 9/18/2011)?
  • Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Paypal
  • Shipping methods: EMS, UPS

Most of the time Himeya carries the latest releases of Alice Soft. Even when something isn't in their catalog, they offer a custom order service. The Alicesoft Sound Albums and Hannyhons have been confirmed to be custom-orderable via them.

Their pricing (in US dollars) is typically take the Japanese yen retail cost, divide by 100, and add up to 10%. It might feel a little steep, but they provide trust-worthy service. Occasionally they may give out discount coupons after a large order.

Palet Mail Service Edit

  • Website: (seems to be down as of 11/14/2017)
  • Payment methods: Paypal, I.P.M.O.(International Postal Money Order), U.S. cash
  • Shipping methods: E.M.S., airmail.

Some of their items may be cheaper than Himeya.


  • Website:
  • Payment methods: Credit Card, Western Union, Paypal (offline/manual)
  • Shipping methods: E.M.S (US only), SAL Economy Shipping, Regd. SAL Economy Shipping, Airmail.

J-List makes a small no. of copies (usually 2-5) of some popular eroge available upon their release in Japan, and that often includes Alice Soft games. However, they're only on sale while those initial stocks last and are removed from their catalog thereafter. Exceptions are best-sellers like Sengoku Rance which sell consistently and are restocked periodically.

MangaGamer Edit

MangaGamer distributes official translations of Beat Blades Haruka and a bundle package containing Rance 5D and Rance VI. Such releases are uncensored with the help of official assets from Alice Soft, and Rance VI was upscaled to double its original resolution.

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