Japanese 女神ALICE
Romanization Megami ALICE
Race Gods
Sex Female
Class 1st Class God
World The Continent
Affiliation Gods, AL Church
Appeared in Rance Quest, Rance IX, Rance X
Mentioned in Rance 03


The Goddess ALICE is the one that secretly manipulates the AL Church. She contacts with the pope and uses him/her to pull the strings to make the world more chaotic.

She's similar to an angel in appearance, with three pairs of wings, a halo on her back and a long blonde beautiful hair. Her attire consists of a robe and carries a sword and a shield.

She's the ultimate and main goddess the AL Church worships. They believe that she's a compassionate and peaceful entity that guides them towards salvation and peace. Of course this is obviously a huge lie, since ALICE is nothing but a servant of Ludo-Rathowm. Caring little for humans or whatever happiness they might seek, she's actually ruthless, cruel and manipulative and only cares about keeping the world in a state that will continue to result amusing for the Creator God.

She sometimes tasks the pope with missions, such as finding Balance Breakers or assassinating certain individuals that could lead to a more peaceful era and enrage the Creator God. No-one actually meets with ALICE outside of the pope, and he/she is the only that knows about her real identity.

Abilities and Powers[]

She's immensely powerful, far beyond humanity's comprehension. She seems to fight by wielding a mysterious force of power to attack her enemies, which in appearance looks like a series of spiritual blades attacking the enemy from all sides. The attack is ridiculously powerful and can one-shot pretty much any opponent. The Demon King is the only one in the continent that would probably be able to defeat her in an encounter.


  • Her rank within the the Gods Hierarchy was originally unknown. Some fans presumed that she's either a 3rd or a 2nd Class God, but this was never confirmed by any source. Her rank is 1st, confirmed in Rance X.
  • She's a secret super boss in Rance Quest and is immensely powerful to the point she requires insanely long amounts of grinding to be defeated. Even if the player managed to defeat her, it would only lead to a Game Over scene where Ludo-Rathowm destroys the world.
  • She is, in a way, a counter-part to the Devil Geppei, both being the founders of the religions that represent the Gods and the Devils for their own selfish goals.
  • In Kichikuou Rance she made appearance as the 4th Class God Leda, who by then was a high class of an angel knight manipulating the AL Church, before being retconned into the current character.