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The 7th Helman-Leazas War, sometimes also referred to as The Leazas Liberation War, was the 7th major war between the Kingdom of Leazas and the Helman Republic, being the first large-scale war between the two nations since over 100 years. It took place near the beginning of the 2nd year of the Little Princess Era, initiated after an invasion performed by the Prince of Helman, Patton Misnarge.


The Fall of Leazas[]

Leazas falls for Helman's mighty army and their royalty is captured.

The western country of Leazas, governed by the Princess Lia Parapara Leazas as she held most of the political power, has always been known as a wealthy country with a mild climate and rich soils, and wars with Helman have always been frequent as they seek their precious land. However, the tall Bareo Mountain on the border of the two countries was a major military obstacle, as it prevents both nations from mobilizing large-scale armies for an invasion. One day, the Leazas Royal Palace at the very capital of the country was attacked. In the middle of the night, 30,000 troops from the Helman 3rd Army suddenly appeared inside the Castle, completely taking the castle garrison by surprise and crushing all opposition. It didn't take long for the Leazas leaders to figure out that Helman had allied with Dark Lords, who had placed a transporting device to allow the Helman Army to attack the capital from inside. Additionally, the Dark Lords themselves assisted Helman in the battle, defeating Leazas forces left and right with little effort. Dark Lord Ithere single-handedly defeated the majority of the Leazas Royal Guard and used his special ability to brainwash most of its knights, including its captain Leila Grecni.

A single ninja sent by the princess before the fall manages to escape.

With their forces overwhelmed by the unexpected night attack, the Royal Family was captured, and Helman effectively occupied its capital, where the Leader of the invading army the Prince Patton joyfully stayed from that point. Soon after, the invading army started expanding from its capital and it and the Leazas Black Corps and the Leazas Red Corps fell after a fierce battle that attempted to hold back the army. Their armies where then brainwashed thanks to the Dark Lord Ithere's and his Apostles unique abilities, forcefully joining the Helman Invading Army and increasing its power even further. In only a few days, Helman occupied 40% of Leazas territory, and remaining forces of the Leazas Army start battling against the overwhelming army to resist the invasion. In order to completely crush the remnants of Leazas, the Prince Patton requests reinforcements from his country, aware that with a larger army, occupying the rest of the country would be simple, and decides to move his troops to the south towards the region of the Free Cities Alliance to make his victory even greater.

Things look grim for Leazas, but on the night of the Fall, the princess sent her personal ninja Kentou Kanami to seek help from a certain individual, a warrior as cruel and brutish as talented, Rance, who's accompanied by his loyal slave Sill Plain. While a group of only three people seems powerless under such situation, the princess doesn't abandon hope.

The Siege of Kathtom[]


While the remnants of the Leazas Army battles the invading army that is spreading through Leazas territory, Prince Patton is in the throne of the Leazas Royal Palace, being served by women and overjoyed with his victory. He's using a fraction of his army to take over the Free Cities Alliance to the south of Leazas, and the army is advancing with positive results. However upon reaching the town of Kathtom, their forces have reached a stalemate with a small rebelling army led by the Four Witches of Kathtom. Their defensive force consisted of 200 fighters led by Milli Yorks, magic units led by Shizuka Masou and Eleanor Ran, and a unique platoon that wields a unique hand cannon the Tulip designed by Maria Custard, who's leading said platoon, numbering a total of 300 people.

A total of 4 battles are fought in an attempt to take over the city and the town still endures the persistent assault. After the last battle, less than 100 people remain for Kathtom's forces, most of their defenses have been destroyed, and one of their commanders Eleanor Ran was wounded during the battle and unable to fight after she broke her leg. Additionally, a bigger army has been gathered to defeat the rebelling force for good, and a total of 6,000 troops surround Kathtom and led by the Helman Commander Henderson Dauntless. The army consists of 2,000 Helman soldiers and 4,000 brainwashed soldiers originally belonging to the Leazas Army, who are led by the also brainwashed strongest fighter in Leazas, Red Death of Leazas Rick Addison, and the brainwashing spell is being controlled remotely by Ithere's Apostle Sapphire. Their forces are gathering in the city of L'Zile that had been recently occupied by Helman. If they don't find a way to avoid confronting the immense military force that is being prepared, Kathtom will fall as well.

By using Maria as a bait, Rance and Sill successfully infiltrate on the enemy's lines.

Fortunately for Kathtom, a party formed by the adventurer Rance arrives after going through the Devil Cave. Rance is usually selfish and outrageous man that only does things if he has something to gain, but he agreed to assist Leazas against Helman and formed a party with his slave Sill Plain and the Royal Ninja of Leazas Kanami Kentou. The situation is abysmal for Leazas and the Free Cities, but Rance has a plan. While the city of L'Zile is inaccessible due to the surrounding troops from Helman, he and Sill disguise themselves as Helman soldiers after stealing a set of armor from captured troops. He then makes a bet, tying Maria and presenting themselves on L'Zile to deliver her as if they'd captured Kathtom's main commander. Thanks to that, they manage to get directly to the mansion of L'Zile and deliver her to the commander Henderson. Seeing it as the perfect opportunity now that they've lost their head, they get ready to mobilize all the soldiers towards Kathtom immediately. However, Rance and Sill get the perfect opportunity as they are disguised as Helman Soldiers and are in the Helman Headquarters on L'Zile as they'd planned. They use this golden chance to search for Sapphire, the Apostle that was using the brainwashing spell on 4,000 Leazas soldiers, and the Commander Henderson Dauntless, who was busy molesting the captured Maria Custard in the meantime. They manage to successfully kill Henderson in battle, and defeat Sapphire, releasing the 4,000 Leazas soldiers from the spell and sparking a combat against the remaining 2,000 Helman Soldiers, who are quickly defeated as they are vastly outnumbered and the extremely talented Barres Province and Rick Addison were also released from the mind control.

As a result from this battle, the Leazas Liberation Army was formed from the remaining forces from Kathtom that merged with now freed 2,000 Leazas soldiers. Meanwhile, the Helman Army lost one of their main commanders Henderson, over 3,000 soldiers and the City of L'Zile that had successfully occupied, being the first major victory for Leazas' side in War.

Liberation of Red[]

With Kathtom and L'Zile free, the Liberation Army plans their next move.

The Cities of L'Zile and Kathtom have been liberated from the Helman occupation and Leazas Liberation Army is formed by putting together some Leazas soldiers that were dispersed, the remaining forces of Kathtom and the soldiers that had recently been released from the brainwashing spell of Apostle Sapphire during the Siege of Kathtom. Their army gathers roughly 10,000 troops, and most importantly, now recovers two of the key members of the Leazas Army joined after being freed from the spell. Rick Addison, the strongest fighter in Leazas and General of the Red Corps, and Barres Province, the veteran General of the Black Corps and Supreme Commander of the Leazas Army. However the adventurer Rance that had offered a massive help during the Siege of Kathtom refuses to join the Army after a personal dispute with some of its members over somewhat trivial matters, leaving on his own to save the Princess Lia Parapara Leazas with the party he had originally gathered.

Because of the recent defeat Helman suffered, a huge army was quickly formed by gathering forces from the nearby cities in the City of Red in an effort to crush the Leazas Liberation Army. With 10,000 Helman soldiers, another 10,000 brainwashed Leazas Soldiers and a huge force of Monsters commanded by Helman Monster Tamers, a short battle takes place between the two armies after they attempt to take back L'Zile. While the battle ends in a stalemate on the night, the Leazas Liberation Army has suffered an undeniable defeat when it comes to the number of casualties, and the battle was largely in Helman's favor.

The Tulip #3 designed by Maria represented a gigantic increase of the Liberation Army's power.

Helman rapidly prepares to launch another attack to crush the Leazas Liberation Army for good, but before they can initiate an attack, they have gathered all their to face them in a direct battle on Red. While the adventurer Rance had initially refused, after certain agreements are made, he becomes the Supreme Commander of the Leazas Liberation Army and leads a brigade to attack the Helman forces on a frontal attack. While they're vastly outnumbered, Maria Custard managed to make a secret weapon thanks to Rance's assistance that would grant them an upperhand in the battle. The sight of the approaching army made Helman's forces tremble in fear upon witnessing the mechanic monster Maria had created, the first Military Tank seen in The Continent. Using Hirara Alloy as gunpowder, the Tank named by Maria Tulip #3 was equipped with long-range gun to perform exploding attacks. It is a heavily armored vehicle designed for front-line land combat, and it was operated by its creator Maria. This newly designed weapon represented a huge advantage for the Leazas Liberation Army, who were able to easily obliterate all their enemies with no opposition. Meanwhile, Rick Addison and Barres Province were leading assaults from other parts of the City to flank Helman's forces.

The Supreme Commander Rance euphorically crushes all his enemies from Helman.

The battle was short and one-sided, and most of the Helman soldiers retired and tried to flee from the city. However, the Supreme Commander Rance decided to use all the forces to surround the City's exits and prevent any soldier from leaving alive. Using only the Tulip #3 and a party of selected elite people selected and led by Rance himself, he proceeded to hunt for remaining soldiers that had entrenched themselves within the city after the city's gates had been cut off, eliminating all the remnants from the battle. The Helman Soldiers Rovert Landstar and his sister Sepia Landstar formulated a plan to try to destroy the tank but ended up failing after a serious miscalculation from Rovert's part that almost costs him his life. Receiving news that the Commander of the Helman Army that assembled in Red, Fletcher Modell, was hiding in the City's Church, Rance and his party made their way to take him down, but he's accompanied with the brainwashed Captain of the Leazas Royal Guard, Leila Grecni, and the main head of the Brainwashing spell Dark Lord Ithere. While the Dark Lord leaves the area, the group engages in combat against Fletcher and Leila where they manage to come out victorious, killing the Helman Commander and capturing the brainwashed captain of the Royal Guard. 

The battle ends and the Leazas Liberation Army successfully manages to free the City of Red, 2,000 brainwashed soldiers of the Leazas Army that had been brainwashed are freed and merged with the Liberation Force. Almost all of the original 10,000 Helman soldiers perished, including one of the main commanders of the invasion Fletcher Modell, being Rovert and Sepia Landstar among the handful few that managed to escape. Meanwhile in the Leazas Capital, the previously ecstatic Prince Patton starts getting more anxious and begins to gather up all the remaining forces to battle the Liberation Army while waiting for reinforcements from his country to arrive. If all the Army is put together, it will account for around 20,000 Helman Soldiers, an army of tamed Monsters and the remaining brainwashed soldiers of the Leazas Army. If this massive army is assembled, the Leazas Liberation Army will stand no chance even with the Tulip #3. However thanks to this operation, Helman forces that had been placed on several occupied territories have to be weakened and several guerrilla groups that were led by the General of the Leazas White Corps, Ex Banquet, are able to make advancements and put pressure on the invading army. Meanwhile, the Captain Leila Grecni was freed from her hypnotized state thanks to an expedition to the Forest of the Lost made by Rance and his group, joining the Liberation Force along with 80 Knights of the Royal Guard. Their next objective is the town The O that has only 2,000 Helman soldiers stationed, thinking that they will be able to free the city with ease while Helman's forces are dispersed.

Battle of the O[]

After the Leazas Liberation Army successfully captured and freed the City of Red, their next goal was the town of The O that Helman was holding with a small army of only 2,000 soldiers led by Captain Gaiyas Yasuto, the trusted right hand of the General of the 3rd Army Thoma Lipton. It soon became apparent that The O was the Liberation Force's next goal, and Prince Patton quickly ordered to reinforce as many troops as possible on the town to fight the Leazas Army. Thanks to the fact that the Supreme Commander Rance was delayed by the Dark Lord that'd allied with Helman, the Helman troops had enough time to gather 5,000 more soldiers and 10,000 tamed Monsters to crush the Liberation Force. The Helman plan was a simple one, crush the resistance with the overwhelming force of a numerical advantage. Thoma Lipton, the General of the Helman 3rd Army, arrives as well on the town and prepares for battle. Greatly famed as one Helman's greatest military figure, Thoma was acknowledged as the World's Strongest Man, and his might represented an imposing wall for the Liberation Army. He camped his forces on the Terana High Plains near the town, planning to launch an assault against Red first time in the morning. Several Captain were appointed to lead different platoons, like Sepia Landstar and Rovert Landstar, who'd survived the massacre on Red. His right hand, Gaiyas, was given command of the biggest portion of the army, and stood at Thoma's side with pride and allegiance. Additionally, Dark Lord Ithere and his Apostles were also part of the army.

Rance resorted to sexual torture to get information from Captain Sepia.

Despite the remarkable force the Leazas Liberation Army had gathered, with such talented and fearsome people leading on the enemy's lines and still severely outnumbered, it seemed like this would be the end for Leazas's freedom. However, the freedom fighters wouldn't give up without a fight, and Supreme Commander Rance came up with an underhanded plan. He sent the personal ninja of the Leazas Royal Family, Kentou Kanami, to kidnap one a female commander of the Helman forces, and she managed to successfully carry her mission after capturing Captain Sepia. The Supreme Commander then proceeded to personally interrogate her through some morally questionable methods for information on General Thoma's plan. While he didn't cause any direct injury on her, he performed some treaty-violating methods by penetrating her with consecutive larger types of food. Eventually, she gave out Thoma's plan, which led the Liberation Force led by Rance to launch a full assault in the dead of the night against the unprepared Helman camp, catching Thoma's Army completely off guard. Sepia was released after Rance finished interrogating her, but she didn't have enough time to warn Thoma of the surprise attack and barely joined the battle after it had already started.


  • Helman Third Army - General Thoma Lipton
    • Captain Gaiyas - 2,000 troops
    • Captain Darum - 2,000 troops
    • Captain Sylvia - 1,000 troops
    • Captain Nabio - 1,000 troops
    • Captain Sepia Landstar ~ 1,000 troops
    • Captain Desutora - 10,000 monsters

With a total of 7,000 Helman soldiers and 10,000 monsters.

With a total 5,000 Leazas soldiers, 100 Kathtom defense force, and 400 commoners.


Upon attacking the Helman Camp on the Terana High Plains, the battle took part in a canyon without many option for maneuvering troops or flanking the enemy, leaving soldiers to mostly resort to frontal assaults, but the Leazas Liberation Army decided to divide and fight on multiple fronts. The Supreme Commander Rance is commanding the army from the top of a hill through his devil slave Feliss. On one side there's Shizuka Masou and Maria Custard, along with their top weapon the Tulip #3. They make their way towards the Dark Lord's Apostles, Garnet and Sapphire who were defeating several members of their platoon, and the Apostles engage in a short battle with the military tank on their own. While the Apostles were not defeated, they were forced to temporarily retreat thanks to the overwhelming power of the military tank.

On another side, Milli Yorks is also commanding an army on her own, and made sure to cover the Tulip #3 from being attacked while it's advancing. Milli manages to lead more than competently, and has considerably talented people on her platoon like Sel Catchgolf and even the Hero Arios Theoman, who presumably joined to protect his hometown from Helman.

Meanwhile, the General of the Red Corps, Rick Addison, and the Captain of the Royal Guard, Leila Grecni, are commanding another portion of the army and they showcase why they are known as the strongest fighters in Leazas, continuously advancing with no opposition. They are eventually stopped by the unorthodox soldier that survived the slaughter in Red, Rovert Landstar, who manages to prevent them from moving forward by strategically filling the area with oil and trapping them by strategically starting a fire. However due to a mistake on his part, he almost gets his sister Sepia involved when she arrived to the battlefield, and his mistake leads him to trade his life to save hers, giving Rick and Leila the chance to escape.

Ithere's Apostles launch an incredibly powerful attack against the Tulip #3.

The battle continues for some time and the Liberation Army seems to have the advantage. However, the battle turns a tide when Ithere's Apostles, Garnet, Sapphire and Topaz, use their strongest move. A combination of the three's special attacks create a Black Destruction Beam directed towards the Tulip #3, which deals a substantial damage and prevents it from moving. The Apostles continue employing the attack, but their plan is foiled by Shizuka Masou, who manages to divert the attack's trajectory with her own White Destruction Beam. The Dark Lord Ithere is immediately interested by her and kills several Leazas soldiers while making his way towards her. Meanwhile the ninja Kanami informs Rance of the situation and he quickly gathers those he has at hand to assist him in fighting the Dark Lord, and is stopped by his three Apostles. Rance and his party manage to defeat the Apostles and on other fronts the Leazas Army keeps pushing the Helman Army back, forcing Thoma Lipton to give the order to retreat and ending the battle as a result.

This event would be known as The Battle of The O and considered the major decisive battle that changed the course of Helman's invasion of Leazas. The Leazas Liberation Force suffered approximately 30% casualties and the Tulip #3 was heavy damaged during the battle, but captured the town of The O. Masou Shizuka went M.I.A for some time after an encounter with Dark Lord Ithere, but she mysteriously managed to return safely not long after. The Helman 3rd Army on the other hand was almost ruined, with only a few hundred soldiers retreating with General Thoma.

Last Stand on North[]


After the crushing defeat Helman suffered on The O, the Liberation Force was able to quickly advance and retake the Town of Oku as well that was only defended by a thousand soldiers. As it stands, Helman possesses only the cities of North, South and the Leazas Castle, the capital of the country where Prince Patton is hiding. He's getting desperate, seeing that defeat seems inevitable and trying to get reinforcements from his country, but none arrive as he had lost a lot of support over the recent years and this invasion was his last chance to get it back, so the constant failure in Leazas has earned him the dislike and opposition of many, including his father the Emperor. With their remaining troops, Helman is having a hard time dealing with the many small resistance forces that appeared across the territories. In particular, a small guerrilla army led by the Generals of the White Corps and the Blue Corps, Ex Banquet and Cordoba Burn manages to retake the area surrounding the Leazas Castle and the General Ex used his charisma and talent for diplomacy to convince nobles that were supporting Helman to start supporting the Liberation Army instead. A group consisting of common mercenaries and fighters of the Coliseum led by the Coliseum Champion Yulang Mirage also make notable progress in defeating many platoons of Helman Soldiers, but they face defeat upon attempting to retake the City of South after a crushing defeat against Minerva Margaret. Despite all this strong opposition, Helman still manages to keep all this forces on hold, but situation will look grim for them once they have to deal with the Leazas Liberation Army.

Despite the absurd numerical disadvantage, Thoma won't give in without a fight.

The Liberation Force currently has 5,000 troops after they merged with some mercenaries and adventurers. With only two cities left aside from the Capital, Supreme Commander Rance decides to split the force in two groups. He takes 20% of the army with him along with the Tulip #3 the City of North that has only around 100 troops but among them is the man known as the Strongest in the World Thoma Lipton. The remaining 4,000 troops are sent to South led by Barres Province and Rick Addison, as it has even less troops than North. The Army heads towards North, but despite the immense difference in numbers, Thoma has no hesitation or fear and gives an inspirational speech to his few remaining soldiers. His loyal right hand Gaiyas Yasuto stays with Thoma's side until the very end, and leads the charge alongside the General. The difference in numbers is imposing but Helman soldiers are determined and Thoma charges head on crushing all his opponents of the Liberation Force, showcasing that he's a rightful owner of his status as the strongest. No man can stop him, and even the Tulip #3 that had remained an unbeatable force finds its cannon ball punched away by the Helman General and is finally beaten up by a single man with his raw strength. But the Supreme Commander Rance doesn't stay idle while this is happening and engages in combat against Thoma, surrounding him with his own party and outnumbering him while he only has a few Helman Knights. His troops are falling one after the other, including his trusted subordinate Gaiyas, but Thoma remains fighting to the very end against Rance and his group. Eventually, the inevitable happens and Thoma is finally take down for good, being the Supreme Commander Rance to finally put him to rest by engaging on him in direct combat when an opportunity rose up. Thoma has finally perished in combat, and Prince Patton lost his most reliable and powerful ally.

Raid of South[]

The strongest fighters of both countries faced each other in a savage battle.

After Thoma's fall, the Leazas Liberation Army has managed to free the City of North as well, leaving only South and the capital at the Leazas Castle. The Army of 4,000 soldiers led by Rick Addison, Barres Province and Leila Grecni arrive to South ready to take back the city and they encounter the Second-in-Command of the 3rd Army, a wicked woman named Minerva Margaret. While she only has a handful few Helman Knights with her, she has terrain advantage. South is a town built on the side of a mountain, and she has a plan to take an advantage of this. The vastly outnumbered Helman Knights find themselves fighting a defensive battle while Red Death Rick Addison, the strongest fighter in Leazas, engages in a 1 on 1 with Minerva herself. The battle is fierce and brutal, but short lived as Minerva comes out victorious after using a magic item to make an after image to trick Rick, granting her an opportunity to strike him down with a powerful blow. Minerva was incapable however of taking his life after he was saved by the Captain of the Royal Guard Leila.

Despite her victory, her troops are still heavily outnumbered and surrounded by the Leazas forces, but she has a another card up her sleeve. Knowing that the battle with the Leazas forces would take place at the side of the mountain, she previously hid several explosives on the mountain ladder ready to detonate. During skirmish between the two forces, Minerva begins employing her bombs, making cliffs collapse onto the fighting soldiers, burrowing both Leazas and Helman soldiers in the process. Despite this, due to the numerical disadvantage she had, Leazas suffered a far higher number of casualties. Upon seeing Minerva's plan in action, without any information of where the explosives were located and the defeat of the General of the Red Army, the commander Barres Province makes the wise choice of retreating, resulting in a miraculous helmanian victory for Minerva, though it costed her most of the already few soldiers she had.

South is a city located at the side of a mountain, making it an ideal territory for Minerva to defend.

The Army returns to Oku after their defeat, and later meet up with Supreme Commander Rance, who's greatly annoyed and pissed off about their failure. He concludes that to get the job done, he has to do it himself, so he marches towards South with only his party. Thanks to the previous battle against Minerva, he was able to get intel about her strategy from his defeated allies. Once he arrived, Minerva her remaining troops to fight his troops, but his party was able to successfully defeat the Helman Knights without much trouble, leading her to resort to the mines she prepared to make them collapse on them. However, knowing this, previously Rance placed Maria and Shizuka on a different spot with the remnants of the Tulip #3 and shot a sign to her. Upon seeing this, Maria used the Tulip to cause another explosion near Minerva's location, making it collapse and forcing Minerva to abandon the safe cliff where she was standing, and coupling it with Minerva's own explosions the whole area started crumbling. Rance manages to get to Minerva with his party and a battle takes place between the two forces, where Minerva is finally defeated by the Supreme Commander and she falls off. The party then quickly withdraws from the collapsing mountain. With Minerva and the few remaining soldiers defeated, the Leazas Liberation Army finally manages to take back the City of South. Rance also saved the members of the Coliseum that had been restrained by Minerva upon being defeated, and joined the army as well immediately after. Now, only the Capital of Leazas where Prince Patton is hiding remains.

The Final Siege[]

The War is almost over with only the Leazas Capital being under Helman's possession.

The War is almost over, and victory is at Leazas's grasp. The Leazas Liberation Army has advanced a long way since the Free Cities and reached this far. Only the Leazas Castle, the capital of Leazas, remains. It is where Prince Patton is hiding and where the Princess Lia Parapara Leazas is being held. It is the final stronghold they have to overcome, but it's not going to be an easy task. Helman still has a fair share of Monsters and troops to defend it, and the City was designed to be nearly impenetrable. Furthermore, Helman still has their alliance with The Dark Lords, and without one of the two swords Chaos or Nikkou that can shatter their Invincibility Field, defeating them is going to be no easy task.

The Liberation Force spends some time preparing and recover from their recent battles, as even their Supreme Commander was exhausted and wounded to some extent due to the series of battles he went through against highly capable combatants like Thoma Lipton and Minerva Margaret.

From behind the walls, Helman uses catapults to launch what looks like a rain of meteors.

When they feel ready, they gather all their remaining forces to attack the Capital, but Helman the city is heavily safeguarded with their intimidating walls, and Helman soldiers employ catapults to throw burning rocks at them. They try several times with different plans and schemes, but none of them work. The Liberation Army is simply not strong enough to endure the endless assault of rocks while trying to penetrate the walls of the city, and they are forced to

retreat. No matter how hard they try, they can't figure out a way to win. After their multiple failing attempts they receive a latter from Prince Patton, who tries to hide his own insecurity and anxiousness by acting imperious and demands them to surrender, but the Liberation Force has gotten too far to surrender now. However, Supreme Commander Rance comes with one of his brightest ideas so far. He personally finds and captures a Golden Hanny and accepts Patton's petition to surrender. With the excuse of a peace treaty and that the Liberation Force is truly surrendering, he sends Rick Addison to negotiate and gifts them with the huge Golden Hanny, as their value in GOLD is enormous. The Golden Hanny is brought inside the City and then, a specialized task force comes out from inside of the Golden Hanny led by Rance himself. The group starts fighting against the Helman troops inside the city and quickly open the main gates, allowing the main forces of the Liberation Army to enter with Barres Province leading the charge to take back the city. The Supreme Commander Rance makes his way towards a secret passage he found during a personal quest he did the previous year (Rance 01 events) and breaks into the castle along with Kentou Kanami and Sill Plain, making their way towards the dungeon where Princess Lia is being kept.

The Liberation Army used a Golden Hanny to prepare a trap.

Prince Patton notices the trap of the Liberation Army, but it's too late now and his troops are getting crushed. He panics and decides to take the Princess as a hostage to make an escape, however, he's stopped by one of his allies Dark Lord Noce. He claims that Patton has no use for him anymore, but he needs Lia alive for the time and tries to kill Patton. However Hunty Kalar, Patton's most trusted ally and guardian, protects him and fights against the Dark Lord. Concluding that she cannot defeat Noce in battle, she uses a teleportation spell and escapes along with Patton, who was severely wounded by Noce. Meanwhile, Rance and his small group managed to get to the torture room where Lia was being tormented by a Leazas noble that despised her, Saya Friday, rescuing the princess and her servant Maris Amaryllis, and capturing Saya. After Prince Patton and Hunty were forced to barely escape with their live, the remaining Helman soldiers that were dispersed in the Leazas Capital were completely disorganized with no-one to lead them. Some would simply try to continue fighting without knowing the overall state, while others would simply try to run away or act on their own and fight when they they encounter an enemy. With the Dark Lords having betrayed Helman and the loss of their head, it was only a matter of time for the Leazas Liberation forces to completely clean the capital from Helman troops and other dispersed Monsters.

The 7th Helman-Leazas War finally ended after the last remaining troops were completely wiped out or abandoned the City on their own, though the members of the Liberation Army never found Prince Patton or found out what happened to them. Nonetheless, Leazas Castle had finally been liberated and it was a complete victory for the Kingdom of Leazas.


As a consequence of the conflict, drastic changes took place in both countries immediately after the war was over. The Helman 3rd Army lost a very considerable portion of the army, including one of their most valuable Generals Thoma Lipton and many Commanders like Henderson Dauntless, Fletcher Modell and Gaiyas Yasuto. Among the few soldiers that made it back to Helman was Minerva Margaret, who managed to survive after her defeat on South. With the 3rd Army headless after Thoma's death, Minerva's performance during the War was praised enough that she was promoted to General of the 3rd Army.

However, the most important alteration that Helman suffered after the war was in its political affairs. Even before the conflict, there was a succession war between the faction that supported Prince Patton and the faction that supported Princess Helman over who would replaced the very ill emperor after his departure. With his crushing defeat on the war, Patton's reputation was completely destroyed and rumors were spread that he recklessly lost his life during the battle. With the death of the Emperor just a few months after the war, the still young Princess Sheila Helman became, at least in name, the Empress of the Country, though the power was held by her mother Pamela Helman and the Council of Eight. The nation also shifted from Republicanism to Imperialism as well. Regardless of whether he lived or not, it was declared that supporting Patton would be treason punished by execution. With its social reform, Helman made colossal changes in its economy and military, and would periodically lose power over the years due to utter corruption from the members of the Helman Government.

On Leazas side, while their Army was not nearly was ruined as the Helman 3rd Army, the country had to spent some time to recover from the destruction caused by the conflict, as it took place in their own territory. The Princess Lia Parapara Leazas was able consolidate her power and influence even more than before and forced her parents to retire early, being crowned as the Queen of the country a few months after the war. She made sure to track down nobles that directly opposed her prior and during the war, like it was with the case of Saya Friday. Additionally, during the encounter with the Dark Lords right after Helman had been kicked out of the country, the Supreme Commander of the Leazas Liberation Army that so boldly commanded its forces towards victory went M.I.A, and she spent countless hours searching for him with across the country, until he would eventually be found on the floating landmass Ylapu. Despite the fact that he was a major reason for Leazas's victory on the war, Rance remained largely unknown to the country and his name was only remembered by those soldiers that he commanded in the Liberation Army, and the ones that he personally met during the time of the conflict. This happened because of the influence of the Queen Lia, who made sure to leave most information related to Rance's role as obscure as possible. She does this out jealousy born from the boundless love she has for him, as she prefers to have him remain unknown to avoid competition, or so she thinks.


  • The Leazas Liberation War was the first time that Rance was given a position of power, and where his brutish nature was first exposed and shown at its best.
  • The Golden Hanny strategy employed by the Leazas Liberation Army is largely a reference to the famous tale of the Trojan Horse.