Japanese さんじい
Romanization sanjii
Sengoku Rance - 3G
Race Youkai
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 181cm / 71kg
Status Alive
Class Retainer
World The Continent
Affiliation Oda House, JAPAN
Skill levels Nutritionist Lv3
Appeared in Sengoku Rance, Rance Quest, Rance X

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3G is a three-headed youkai who has been working as a Karou (chief official/adviser) for many years in the Oda Family. He dotes very much on Kouhime and is frequently angered by Rance's questionable actions. Despite having three different heads, all three seem to share relatively the same personality. Rance is very indifferent towards 3G.

He is a self-proclaimed level 3 nutritionist, possesses a Youkai Phone and can fly when in distress.

Personality and Appearance Edit

3G is a youkai with most notably three old man heads, each with their own permanent expression - happy, angry, sad. 3G has some kind of propeller on his head that makes him fly into the air when he is in extreme distress. He wears a Japanese style robe with phone like functions. He has a dial pad on his right sleeve, and on the end of his sleeve is the mouthpiece. This is his Youkai Phone, which he uses to contact other youkai such as Ikkyu.

As the Adviser of the current ruler of the Oda House, 3G is a very stern and serious individual that deeply cares for the nation and the ruler. When Rance was in Oda and became the secret ruler and met 3G, he was immediately repulsed by him. Since Rance was not accustomed to JAPANese customs, he immediately assumed 3G was evil for being a youkai, wanting to kill him before he was stopped by Kouhime and was told he was the nation's adviser. Rance still didn't like him, and wanted to fire him. This didn't happen as 3G was very important and useful.

Throughout Rance's conquest of JAPAN, 3G would go around and apologize for the mischief caused by Rance, such as when Rance got into war with the Houjou House after raping the daughter of a chief vassal of Houjou. 3G also was always by Kouhime's side when she took over leadership, teaching and helping her rule the land. He however made a big mistake during Kou's Coming of Age ceremony, not realizing Kou was traumatized after a certain incident and that she did not want to be around men; especially young men. He was deeply ashamed of it and it didn't help that Rance was finishing him off. Kou did say however she was fine being with Rance, as she sees him as her brother, and 3G since she knew him for so long.

3G also really cares about the image of the ruler. When Nobunaga was possessed by Demon Xavier, he would go around to "brainwash" everyone who regarded Nobunaga as a demon. When Kou told 3G that she didn't think she'd be able to find a man to marry to, because she was impure after the incident, he became furious telling her that she is not impure.

Despite having three heads, they all think alike and have the same personality, taking turns speaking lines when talking with people. Though, they can argue with each other, but they always get it resolved, and during panic one head may lose it faster than the others, having to be calmed down.

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  • His name is based on 3G.

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